Saturday, October 01, 2016

The Felices Are (Still) Coming!

Tonight the Brothers Felice are in Nashville playing the High Watt.

And there is absolutely no truth to the non-existent rumour that, after they ambled over to 3rd Man to check on sales of their latest, that little big brother Ian (the guitar player) stabbed big little brother James (the accordian player and Whiskey vocalist) with a plastic salad fork at the Peg Leg Porker Barbeque hut for eating, well...



In other tour news, opener Aaron Lee Tasjan has the night off in his hometown which is fair enough, I guess, but he sure as heckfire better not wander off for a nighttime stroll up the Grouse Grind when the circus comes to Lotusland in a couple of weeks.




Unknown said...

Is it Single Malt Scotch??

RossK said...


Where the Felices are concerned I reckon it could be, essentially, anything.


Anonymous said...

One of CC favorite songs?

RossK said...


Sure, why not.

After all, (and this is not a joke), the commie-pinko infused 'It's a Wonderful Life' is apparently our fine Premier's favourite flick.