Friday, October 28, 2016

How To Help The Heiltsuk...


They've already hit their goal well in advance of the the deadline.

But I'm sure they could use more:

And, perusing the list after I chipped in, I'm pretty sure there are no cronies amongst the 500 donors so far who are expecting to receive a handout.....errrrrr....'return' on their investment.



Anonymous said...

Getting tired of constant scandals?Then dont forget to vote in May cause even if you dont vote you are still voting.

e. a. f. said...

Any b c lieberals on the list of donors?

Well they seemed so generous at those parties with Christy, you know forking over thousands of dollars just to stand around with her porking out. Perhaps if Christy took a dip in the oil, even if it's not olive some of her friends might cough up a few million