Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Wicked Witch Of The West Wants In Says...

..."Come To Me, My Pretties!"

Shorter Ken Boessenkool To BC Conservatives

There are a whole lotta stories out there on all the backroomin' and wheelin' and dealin' that has been goin' down 'round here since the Bye-Byes in an effort to bring the lunatic fringe, which has been safely parked with the Curmudgeon for a while now, back into the slightly smelly free-enterprise big tent whose lease is, apparently, safely hidden in an old marmite jar behind the manure pile out in Paddy the K's back stable.

In our opinion Rob Shaw's pieces, including those at his VT-C blog, have been the best. The following is from his wrap-around story today:

....Premier Christy Clark's chief of staff, (former Alberta Firewaller and Stephen Harper strategist) Ken Boessenkool, started phoning Conservative organizers Friday in an attempt to open discussions between the two parties...

{snippety doo-dah}

...Conservative party deputy campaign manager Jeff Bridge said Boessenkool asked him during a phone call Friday if changing the B.C. Liberal Party name would help the two parties work together. Boessenkool also said changing the Liberal party leadership isn't up for negotiation, said Bridge.

"That's what they want is to join together and not split the vote," said Bridge. "But the fact is, and I said this, we're on the way up and you're on the way down.

"He said, 'Well, what if we change the name of the party?' I said, 'That doesn't change the name of the players.' "...

But here's the thing.

Dipper Gwen O'Mahony garnered 41% of the vote in Wacky-Hope.

Forty-One percent.

In the Fundie-Belt.

And Mr. Trassolini was well above 50% in the former BC Liberal stronghold of PoMoCo.


Just keep on keepin' on tellin' yourselves (and your watercarriers) all these fictional tales about how a cold-fusion will save you Lib-Cons....

Meanwhile, what does the Snook herself have to say?

Well, according to Mr. Shaw, it is the following:

"I don't think people want to see politicians cooking up deals behind closed doors"


Please note, no 'g's' were harmed despite their bein' repeatedly dropped in this post, on purpose.
Next up....What 'conscience rights' would mean at the pharmacist's counter 'round here if the Wicked Witches win their ultimate long game and we go full on Wild Dogwood Party here in British Columbia.



Eleanor Gregory said...

You left out the best line--"me and my government...".

Norm Farrell said...

She reminds me of the sticky-fingered pre-school child covered with crumbs and smeared with chocolate saying, "No, Daddy, I would never go behind your back and take the cookies."

Seriously, when I was a member 40+ years ago, the Liberal Party did more than pretend that grass roots members considered and established policies. Additionally, they selected people from among their ranks to represent those collective choices to the public.

I remember attending a Liberal policy workshop conducted by Art Phillips, future Vancouver mayor, circa 1970. I was an impecunious student, he an already successful businessman, yet we argued respectfully and exchanged views with the aim of creating a consensus for the plenary session. The party was refining ideas for the policy platform it would present to the electorate.

Today, backroom manipulators like Boessenkool think they are entitled to decide the faces of both the Liberal and Conservative parties of BC. It is the stuff of totalitarian systems.

RossK said...

Eleanor...Oh boy...I'm pretty sure Norm has the full quote up at his place...Somehow that jokey old Cullen/Robertson 'Double Exposure' skit wherein the Queen kicks off with...."My Husband and I" springs to mind....Oh, wait....That wouldn't be quite right now would it?



Precisely why principled folks like yourself, and I would suspect Eleanor too, who entered the big tent lo those many years ago have left permanently.

And it's not just the backroom manipulators from the far, far firewallin' right who are to blame (see Ms. Clark's former husband and brother, for example).