Sunday, October 23, 2005

Blog-O-Rama Cage Match


On Public Eye Radio tonight (6-9pm on CFAX1070, stream from here) it's left head Rick Barnes vs. rightsider Jordan Bateman, currently scheduled for after the 7pm news.

I, for one, will be listening (and watching the P.E.R. comment threads).

And for SMH - how 'bout a passle of podcast replays, huh, particularly for those of us who have to rush around like madmen getting the kids ready for the week to come on Sunday nights (and especially this week, right)?
PostMatchWrap-Up; Sunday 7:35pm: OK, so there was some good, solid stuff there in the Double-B Showdown. However, I didn't expect the Love-In along the lines of all this, "Can't we all just get along stuff." And on the 'Where's Carole' issue, let's forget the spin (from both sides) and be blunt - she has been careful and prudent in an effort to reduce her vulnerability to a secret and duplicitous smear in the last week of the 2009 election campaign.


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