Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sometimes A Percentage Is Just A Percentage


Everybody, even those who don't understand basic arithmetic principles because they've spent all their time studying the Fraser Institute's guidelines on how to privatize public education, understands that 90% is big chunk of anything.

Because 90% represents 9 out of 10 or thereabouts, regardless whether it is members of the Little Rascals voting to censure Alfalfa for smooching Darla, crotchety old hockey purists voting against the magical mystery shoot-out tour as a way to end regular season games, or 20,545 of 22,690 members of the British Columbia Teachers Federation voting for a walkout.

In other words, you count the votes of those who voted not the votes of those who didn't.

But that hasn't stopped the SS Gordon Campbell's designated union buster Mike de Jong from attempting to con us into believing that non-votes are actually no votes, which would change the teacher walkout percentage radically if only it were true and 2+2 really did equal 477. But, of course, an unfamiliarity with truth and basic equations has only served to make it easier for the local media monopolies to willingly swallow the con hook, line and sinker.

David Schreck has the story.

Kind of makes you wonder why the BC Liberals and their TV goons hate Democracy so much.

Update: And if (anti)Education Minister Shirley Bond really does want to get more teachers to cross the line, maybe she should make like Telus' Darren Entwhistle and start offering up iPod inducements.


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