Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ready's Not Ready


Vince Ready says the sides in the BC Government-induced Teacher's job action are too far apart.

"I have advised the parties that they are really stalemated at this point," Ready said. "They're just too far apart to come to a facilitated agreement or any kind of a negotiated agreement, and in the circumstances and given the impact this is having on the public, I feel an obligation to make non-binding recommendations to the parties, and I intend to do so later on today."

Given that Jinny Sims has gone on the record stating that the BCTF has made significant concessions it will be interesting to see if those 'non-binding' recommendations are made public.

And if if they are, it will be even more interesting to see if the Dobellians made any move whatsoever to be concilliatory. If, indeed, they did not it would be hard for any reasonable thinking person to not conclude that the LINO's were attempting to play Mr. Ready for propaganda purposes.

More to come.....

And just imagine: If Corus and the (nolonger)Giant98 had somebody local on right now instead of the cost-cutting guy from Winnterpeg we might actually be able to follow the story as it develops. Ah well, I guess I'll have to go back to listening to the flower guy on Forsythe's show when I get back from lunch.
Update 4:00pm: Jeff Davies on CBC Radio is reporting that Ready will 'release' his report. So, the recommendations will be 'non-binding' in a legal sense, but it seems that perhaps he will allow the court of 'public opinion' to rule on the process (or, maybe, that was part of the 'deal' for him to get involved? hope so).
Double (notso)Secret Probation Update: BC Fed says there will be no 'co-ordinated' job action in the Lower Mainland tomorrow and Fed Head Jim Sinclair says the Teachers are going to vote on Ready's recommendations. Something's up.
Triple -O-Sauce With Nat Bailey On Top Update, 4:23pm: CKNW's good 'ol young boy, Sean Leslie, is suggesting that Ready pulled the plug because he was mad at the Teacher's for going public this morning......hmmmmm.
Quadruplepalooza Update, 5:05pm: Jason Howe of CKNW is reporting that Jinny Sims has confirmed that teachers will vote on Ready's recommendations.
Marcel Dionne Quintuple Couplet Update, 5:33pm: OK, we know it's serious now - Mr. Dobell is reportedly in the building.
Non-Consensual Sextagenerian Update, 6:09pm: The BCGEU's George Heyman agrees with our 'court of public opinion' implication. Gosh, is the keyboard spinning?
Septacular Update, 6:42pm: Seems antennae are up, way up; suddenly even our little corner of nowhere is being bombarded by hidden URLs from the Legislative Assembly of B.C.


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