Friday, October 21, 2005

Complete Surrender


Astroturf groups are out in force......

Bill Good is carrying GordCo Inc's water.....

Canned West (not)Global, including Baldrey and even, sadly, Palmer, are pushing the 'Simms Lost' meme.....


Don't believe a word of it.

Instead, listen to Mr. Campbell's words (just this once, and only this once). He accepted the Ready Ruling 'without reservation'.

That is a complete and total capitulation from two weeks ago. It is also complete and self-inflicted shredding of Bill 12.

Even Mike "All Bluster No (Union) Buster" de Jong waved the white flag when he told the 'Jinny Lost'-obsessed Bill Good this morning that he would work with Ready to give the Teachers assurances, in writing, on class provisions etc.

So don't pay any attention to the deflector spin from 'GordCo and the Sycophants' (first single to be released on DobellianRecords, Monday Oct 24th). They have a lotta face to save - especially amongst their own Redmeat Faction, before they go out on the road to push their new product.

Lucky for them they've got tons of make-up left over from the photo-ops to gussy up those lips and rouge those cheeks before they begin the "We Won By Losing" Tour.


Update 11:30am Friday: And the $500K fine, which may go to charity (ie. not the GordCo Inc coffers) from Justice Brown is another big win for the BCTF! What now for Ken Star, errrrr. the 'special' prosecutor?
Double Secret Probation Update, 11:45am Friday: Vaughn Palmer has come around and has grudgingly admitted on the Goodship Water-Carrier that the Teachers, and 'even' Ms. Simms, have prevailed.
For Doug on the Threads: Doug, Mr. Schreck agrees with you, and, grudgingly, I'll admit that Ms. Simms' 'negotiating' tactics may not have been the best, but in terms of resolve and prevailing on the bigger issue of 'winning' the right to actually negotiate I still believe that is an unequivocal victory for teachers. Rick Barnes, who knows a lot more about the inner workings of matters such as these than I do, feels the same way. Regardless, I take your point and thank you for your input.
Triple Fudge Sundae Update, 7:20pm Friday: Michael Smyth agrees. To the Teachers: "You Win!"
Quadruplepalooza Update, 7:25pm Friday: For those that have been blasting me on the de Jong/in writing thing, here's the (nolonger)Giant98 on the matter: "Labour Minister Mike de Jong, also speaking on CKNW, indicated he will put something in writing, but it remains to be seen whether it will be enough to satisfy the union." So, where'd that go? Another broken promise perhaps?


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