Sunday, October 30, 2005

Calling John Dean, Calling John Dean


Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski, errrrr, Patrick Fitzgerald, made it clear in the Libby indictment that former Bushmaster Flash Spokeslackey Ari Fleischer has been co-operating with his investigation.

And now, Josh Marshall has caught a bit of short-lived candor from the WaPo which makes it pretty much a 'slam dunk' that Mr. Fleischer was more than just an innocent bystander in the original machinations that began the smear of Mr. and Mrs Wilson.

As a result, Jane Hamsher goes so far as to suggest that Mr. Fleischer is 'The Third Man'.

All of which may or may not be exactly right.

But one thing is for certain. When neandercon apologist David Brooks tried to get out in front of this 10,000lb craphammer on last friday's NewsHour by stating that the Libby indictment was not a 'Cancer on the Presidency' he was as wrong as John Dean was once right*.

*And very likely will be again.


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