Thursday, October 13, 2005

Pretzel Logic On The Not-So Giant '98


This evening (Thurs Oct 13th), Michael Smyth was right to bash the SS Gordon Campbell up the side of the head for tearing up contracts and imposing contracts without bargaining repeatedly, even when the courts have told them to clean up their act in the past.

But then in the next breath how can Mr. Smyth argue against himself and tell the BCTF that:

"It's time to go back to work and fight another day."

And what day would that be, exactly, Mr. Smyth?

The day that their shredded and busted Federation can be steamrolled into swallowing a deal forced on them at the point of a legislative gun in the total absence of collective bargaining and/or arbitration?

Or perhaps it will be day that Mr. Campbell kicks off his 'Learning Roundtable'.

Ya, sure.

Just go ask all those HEU workers how well capitulation followed by staged-for-the-media conciliation works with this bunch.


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