Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Judge's Real Intentions


Many, many media mavens in British Columbia have been banging out dingbat copy on the BCTF's legal situation but only one that we have seen, read, or heard, has actually nailed a quote demonstrating Madame Justice Brown's true intentions.

And not surprisingly it was Rod Mickleburgh that wielded the hammer.

School board lawyer Nazeer Mitha accused the union of violating the (Madame Brown's) order by continuing to use its main website and local websites to promote the strike.

He even suggested Ms. Sims was violating the order by using transportation to go to media interviews, and might be in breach of the order by speaking at Monday's planned mass protest rally in Victoria.

But union lawyer Sebastian Anderson said such matters were covered by free speech guarantees.

Judge Brown agreed. "It was not my intention to muzzle the union, or enjoin any member of the union from communicating," she declared."

(emphasis mine)

Why is it not surprising that we learned this from Mr. Mickelburgh? Well, it was he, and only he, amongst the corpJournos that had the guts to clearly and emphatically state that Mr. Campbell's widely amplified pre-election accusation about secret and duplicitous plans by the BCTF and the NDP were absolutely bogus.

End Of The Weekend Digression: The Globe appears to have become the land of 'he said/she said' columnists. Check out Saturday's Heather Mallick vs. Rex Murphy on Harold Pinter's Nobel Prize as well as Mickleburgh vs the West Coast Stay-Puffed Man, Gary Mason, on the BCTF situation as examples (and we know Mickleburgh is not strictly a columnist, but if read his 3 dot bit from Saturday you'll see he actually debunks the 'BCTF couldn't even get along with the NDP in the '90's' meme that has been regularly served up by the gov't spinmeisters since the summer).


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