Friday, October 28, 2005

Fitzmas Pudding


Need a place to pick up a little hard sauce to go with that pudding?

We recommend firedoglake.

Here's a teeny-tiny spoonful from the 10 gallon drum (and that's just today's offering):

"Fitzgerald coming on TV now with Jack Eckenrode. One of the Chicago Trib people who covers him told me he never needs to look down at his notes and speaks from memory, even when reciting complex charges. Looks to be true (no Bushian bozo teleprompter here)."

And for those of you that wanted so much more today, don't forget that we here in Canuckistan know that Patrick Fitzgerald is very patient and very well schooled in the art of the 'flip'.
Update: Digby points out that when Fitzgerald finally indicted former Illinois Governor George Ryan on corruption charges in 2003 it was only after a flip-fest was complete. As a result Ryan was actually the 66th person indicted. So, question is, will he have to add one more '6' before he gets to the real evil genius (or not) this time 'round?


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