Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Teachers Strike, Day 2


Last Friday was Day 1 of the Big B.C. (justified) Teachers' strike.

Can't even remember Day 1 as it was so long ago on the other side of the long weekend (Canuckistanian Thanksgiving was yesterday).

Today was day 2. Both kids spent morning with Mom at work singing and dancing with toddlers. Oldest spent the afternoon with me pipetting, answering phones and downloading Ramones videos off one of the lab computers. Can't wait for the institutional firewall sniffers to catch up with that one. Then it was off to Richmond for theatre class with oldest and back into town again to pick up youngest from Mom's chorus. Stop at gas station, only $1.05 per litre (~$4.00 CDN/US Gallon), buy two packs of Sweet Hearts for treats ($0.39 each; best buy in candyville).


Haven't spent so much time with my kids on a work day in ages. Hope that doesn't destroy their education.


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