Monday, October 24, 2005

Where's Carole?


Glad to see that ol' Rafe agrees with us about Ms. James relative quiet during the BCTF job action.

We're also happy that we beat him to the punch.

But heck, maybe that's to be expected now that his former sidekick Ms. Tobin has bolted for a Civic Election Coverage gig at CBC Radio Cluffie.

Hey! In completely unrelated news, Victoria's mayoral (un)candidate Mr. Floatie made Scott Simon's Weekend Edition on NPR on Saturday (podcasting as I pound)....
Last random thought of the day: Goddess, how I hate Bus Stop Porn....Has anybody seen those Amazonian Red Bra and Pantie ads from a company named after a British motorcycle company all over Vancouver on those upscale privatized bus shelters? Just try explaining 36 inch circumference, uber-capitalist, back-lit, bus-shelter boobs to your six year old.....


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