Saturday, October 08, 2005

Shining A Light On The Underbelly


Sean Holman has been tearing it up lately, especially when it comes to giving the great unwashed a peak at the inner workings of rightside-leaning local (ie. Southwestern British Columbia) political parties.

And the bonus is the comment threads, where the insiders go ballistic on Mr. Holman and each other. Here's just one example, taken from the NPA shoot out at the Circle Sam Corral (2nd link above):

Ah, my dear Mr. Biltmore...some background to help fill in the blanks for you...

1) Sean Holman and the NPA's now marginalized chief dimwit Greg Wilson are old pals from federal Grit days, they both of the left wing of that Sliperal spectrum (Rock, Copps etc.)

2) Mr. Wilson has been leaking very inside information to Mr. Holman for months. The story is ALWAYS favourable to either their own political end of the spectrum or highly supportive of the whackstar antics of one Mr. Wilson. Of course, those moves are always masked as newsworthy and the reportage allegedly coming from several sources. Not even the combined gray matter of Messers. Holman and Wilson are good enough to BS theri way through that.

3) As strong evidence of number 2 above, Mr. Holman didn't even cover the news that Mr. Wilson had basically been cast aside fro Mike Hillman so the NPA would have a real campaign boss and not the nutbar Wilson who pisses off candidates, and their staff by ruling by fiat and misses deadlines only to provide feeble and pathetic excuses in their place.

Nothing is covered with any balance anymore on this blog (like in the beginning)

But it is sure a great place to come read of what the asses far left of center think and are leaking.

This leak, truthfully, will certainly get someone fired.

Take good care.

Posted by NoSurpriseAtAll on October 7, 2005 04:41 PM

I like the bolded line (emphasis mine) because, based on these threads and others like them, I would suggest otherwise.

That is not to say that Mr. Holman hasn't, and won't continue to, shine his light leftward. It's just that when the leftsided insiders get mad at each other they are much less often vindictive and usually come off as human.

By the way: Mr. Holman, who really is the last of the journalistic independents in this Province (don't forget, he walked away from a fulltime gig with the Vancouver Sun for reasons officially unknown) is starting his own radio show this weekend. It's Sundays @ 6pm on CFAX in Victoria. For those outside of the insular SouthVI/Mainland listening area you can stream it from here.


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