Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fake Flogging Of The Harpoon


So, when is politics like professional wrestling anyway?

How about when birds of an ideological feather start smashing fake balsa-wood chairs over each other's backs in an attempt to work the not-so-swift vote into a frenzy?

Which is the way I view this entire "Gordon 'Jail Guitar Doors' Campbell bashes Stephen 'The Expanding Buddha' Harper over the Kelowna Accord" business.

And clearly the early focus group returns are in, because now Campbell is taking his act on the road.

Heckfire, tomorrow he's even 'scheduled' to be on with Cluffie to do a little bit of WWF-like bloviation for the nation on the subject.

Can't wait to to hear the Puffmaster play the role of Vince MacMahon calling out the Jailhouse Rocker.

Or even better, maybe the Incarcerator can go to the mat with the traffic girl, Jenna Chow*.

After all, it's not like we expect anything of substance from CBC Vancouver anymore.

*which is not meant to be a cheap shot to Ms. Chow, who appears to actually have some chops. I just wish they'd let her do something for real instead of forcing her to spend her time telling us stuff about cherry blossom snowstorms raging along King Ed between Main and Cambie....
Post Puffmaster Flash Update, Thursday evening: Listened to the Cluffie 'Interview' with Mr. Campbell in the VW microbus with eldest daughter E. choir practice this morning. Disgusting. Could almost hear Cluff's rapture come leaking through the speakers. At the end E. said "I'm kind of surprised he didn't ask Campbell for his autograph". Only revealing bit came when Campbell stated, unabetted by anything even remotely approximating a probing question, that there has been 'tremendous response to his statements from last week' without a hint of irony (ie. a self-induced admission that he is proud to be driven by spin apparently means nothing to the man).


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