Wednesday, May 24, 2006

When Shame Is Not Enough....


.......How About Belittlement?

I, for one, hope that somebody gets National Post editors like Douglas Kelly and John Turley-Ewart on the record about who gave them what and when regarding the Iranian Badges fabrication (see below) if only to put them, and others like them, on notice that if they try to pull this crap again there will be consequences (ie. it's kind of like dealing with toddlers - see also below).

But, until then Juan Cole, as noted by Jim Lobe, said something that rings both true and hits the AsperSons and their minions where they really live:

Juan Cole, president of the U.S. Middle East Studies Association (MESA), described the Taheri article and its appearance first in Canada's Post as "typical of black psychological operations campaigns", particularly in its origin in an "out of the way newspaper that is then picked up by the mainstream press" - in this case, the Jerusalem Post and the New York Post.

Out of the way?

Less mainstream than Rupert Murdoch's NY Post?


I guess that about sums things up nicely.


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