Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Whirlitzer Moves North


Now that the American herd press is showing signs of breaking free from their faux Cowboy handlers, it appears that the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans, which is pretending not to be working on 'Operation Iranian Obfuscation', just may have decided to send its Whirlitzer on a trip to the Great White North.

Pogge has the story:

Last night the National Post ran a story informing us that Iran was on the verge of forcing its Jewish and Christian citizens to wear coloured badges in public so they would be identified as non-Muslims. Quite a few media outlets picked up the story, all sourced to the Post. And a lot of bloggers picked up the story, mostly to take it at face value and scream and gnash their teeth about that horrible Iranian regime (not that they're particularly nice guys).


But independent reporter Meir Javedanfar, an Israeli Middle East expert who was born and raised in Tehran, says the report is false.
"It's absolutely factually incorrect," he told The New 940 Montreal.
"Nowhere in the law is there any talk of Jews and Christians having to wear different colours. I've checked it with sources both inside Iran and outside."


The Post story was credited to unnamed Iranian expatriates. I'd pull a quote to prove it, but the link now seems to give me a blank page. Funny, it was there this morning. Let's try a link to the print version of the story. Oops, "This story is no longer available."

There are obviously a fair number of people who are in a hurry to create a crisis where Iran is concerned. And there are obviously a lot of people who have already forgotten the con job that was pulled in the run up to the invasion of Iraq and the role that expatriates played in the propaganda. Either that or they'd like us to forget.

And why not.

After all, with Mr. Harper now acting as understudy for the role currently being played by the soon to be departed Tony Blair, isn't this the time for us to really cement our bonafides with the PNACkian Paddy Wackers?


Perhaps it is actually the time for the Opposition to get unified and force an election on something, anything (how about that $500 golden hockey stick tax credit?), before it is too late and we get ourselves into a huge military quagmire in Iran that will ultimately have no quasi-moral underpinnings to justify it, as is the case with the current mission in Afghanistan.

And don't forget, the National Post was started by the Marauder himself, Conrad Black, whose ties to old time Special Planner, and longtime Obfuscator Richard Perle are well known. Of course, the Post is now owned by those paragons of truthiness and 'terrorism' re-definers, the (not-so)Magnificent AsperSons.
Update: Paleo's diary at the dKos and Antonia Zerbisias are all over the Whirlitzer aspects of the story.


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