Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Justice Delayed Is.....

.....Justice Denied?

Looks like the trial into graft, influence peddling and the destruction of the public trust, not to mention public assets, at the British Columbia Legislature is being delayed again.

Don't feel bad if you missed it because the only mainstream media outlet who figured it was worth reporting, sans byline, was the Canadian Press:

Victoria -- Three former B.C. government workers facing corruption charges after police raided the legislature may not go to trial until December -- three years after the dramatic search.

The trial of David Basi, Bobby Virk and Aneal Basi was scheduled to start June 5 in Vancouver, but after a hearing yesterday in Vancouver, the date was postponed.

Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett of B.C. Supreme Court ruled the Crown and defence need more time to review evidence. Both sides will return to court in Vancouver on June 13 to begin examining the evidence.

Special prosecutor Bill Berardino and defence lawyer Michael Bolton said there are massive amounts of information still to be reviewed.

Our hearts bleed and bleed and bleed for the lawyers as the billable hours approach infinity during an ever elastic pre-trial period that will soon reach three years.

There may be at least one silver-lined cloud far-off on the horizon however......if the trial is delayed long enough the selling out of our province may just be on fullest display for all to see during the next election cycle.


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