Friday, May 19, 2006

Tag Team Intact Again


Just in case you missed it on Global News Sportsworld.....

After flexing his massive Conroid-assisted biceps before bashing Little Stephen over the head with a fake balsawood chair during the finely choreographed Kelowna Accord cage match, El Gordo of Grey's Point is back in the fold once again:

Premier Gordon Campbell says the Harper Government should dismantle the gun registry.

This comes after the federal auditor-general revealed yet more cost over-runs with the system. “I think that the report of the auditor-general speaks for itself, there's been millions, hundreds of millions of dollars wasted on the registry, we should be taking those dollars and focus them on policing and community safety across the country,” Campbell said.

Of course, as one who now sees the tag team beauty of having things both ways to Sunday, El Gordo also goes on to say:

“Obviously gun control is an important thing but let's make sure that it's working, I think it's important I think for us to focus our resources where they'll do the most good, and they do the most good in police departments and with the RCMP across the country,” said Campbell.

Fantastic stuff.

Can't wait till we get El Gordo vs. The Prestonian on 'ConWorld Raw' with Mr. Brown in the Vince McMahon role.


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