Thursday, May 04, 2006

Gordo Pulls A Chafee


There is a republican senator in the States named Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island that fronts himself as a 'contrarian conservative'.

You know, one of these so-called mavericks who are actually in favour of a woman's right to choose, gay rights and the environment.

Except, the thing is, Mr Chafee is notorious for piping up after the needle and the damage has already been done by his cronyism-addicted compatriots in the constantly conning cabal.

It is something that progressiver bloggers Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake and Marcos Moulitsas of Daily Kos have been pointing out frequently as Americans move towards their 2006 midterm elections that could, potentially, help to right their ship of state before it heads for Davey Jones locker forever.

All of which probably has you wondering what Mr. Chafee has in common with the Premier of British Columbia, Mr. Gordon Campbell.

Well, we couldn't help but think of lost cause Lincoln when we heard that Mr. Campbell had gone to bat for the Kelowna accord an entire week after the Harpoonistas killed it, cremated it, and sent the smouldering remains to small Paul's favorite sailing club via a free trade unencumbered Federal Express pirate pack.

For the record, here is Mr. Campbell really letting Mr. Harper have it.

Dirk Meissner
CP May 04, 2006

VICTORIA — British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell urged Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative government to support the $5-billion Kelowna accord to improve the lives of Canada's Aboriginal Peoples.


"That document was the product of an unprecedented government-to-government collaboration," he said. "It was agreed to by the prime minister of Canada and all premiers as an article of good faith and as a compact to restore trust, hope and confidence with Aboriginal Peoples across Canada."

To which we respond:

Sure, sure Mr. Campbell......and talk minus action equals what, exactly?

Especially when the ashes have already been thrown to the wind.

Update: All this talk about actually trying to help people does make us wonder, however, why we have yet to hear from Rich Coleman about his 'Welfare For Landlords' (anti)housing initiative. That coupled with Wally Oppal's announcement today to introduce legislation to 'create' (we think it should be more appropriate to call it 'resurrect') the independent Children's Commissioner has us wondering if the Redmeat faction in the BC Liberal party really is on the run.


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