Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Screwing The Common Good


To me the Stephen Harper's budget looks to be a shameless attempt to bribe every special interest group he can possibly imagine.

I mean, Minivan Dads who get $500 for gold-embossed hockey sticks for cripes sakes.

What's next - tax credits for those who regularly partake in that selfless and critically important economic driver known as Sports Action betting pools?

Or, how about a break for those who buy hi-def TV's so they can work and train twenty four hours a day to become video snowboard champions?

Then again, gamblers and slackers are two demographic subgenres that the Harpoonistas have not yet locked-up entirely.

But the real question is, who will swallow this all this codswallop anyway?

Well, as Digby put it in an entirely different context, it will probably be the corporate media shills who, instead of digging in and finding out what programs will be cut to finance all this codswallop, will revert to form and act like....

"....a pack of 12 year old girls at an 'N Sync concert."

But if they were to give money to recalcitrant bloggers with an axe to grind?

Now that would be an entirely different story altogether.....


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