Friday, May 26, 2006

Nailing The Zombie Makers


Taylor Marsh, who has been doing the digging from the beginning and who exposed the circular source chasing by the National Post during the birth of the Iranian Badge fabrication, now has the final smackdown on the Frankenstein's who built the monster, including, it would seem, the editor and/or owner of the NY Post:

....I also sent an email to the New York Post's Andy Soltis yesterday, who was one of the authors of the "Fourth Reich" fantasy article. No response from him yet on whether they're going to back away from their hyperbole. I encourage everyone who is interested in tamping down the volume on Iran to email Mr. Soltis. They, too, should be held accountable for being so irresponsible. LATE UPDATE: I just got off the phone with someone who confirmed my thoughts, which is that Soltis had NOTHING to do with the headline, which comes from the top. Who is at the top? Rupert Murdoch. I'll get right on having him clarify that headline (--snark alert--).

Sort of like Robert Duvall in 'Acopalypse Now', it would appear that Ms. Marsh likes to hear the screams of Zombie Makers in the morning.

Which is a good thing.


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