Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Feting The Zombie Maker


Not only is the Iranian Badge News Zombie not dead, it's Frankensteinian birth father is now being feted by the Shrubbery.

Two weeks ago, Amir Taheri published an op-ed in Canada's National Post about an Iranian law that forced Jews to wear a yellow stripe. The story, reminiscent of Nazi Germany, quickly provoked outrage, but was just as quickly revealed to be a total fabrication. It also ran in the New York Post.

Apparently this is just the sort of reliable advice that President Bush needs. Yesterday, Taheri had a face-to-face with the President as one of a small group of "experts" on Iraq that visited the White House.

According to Press Secretary Tony Snow, the experts were invited to the White House for their "honest opinions" on Iraq.

This is too bizarre for words, or just about anything else you can possibly imagine, except perhaps a two week, all expenses paid, vacation at 24 Sussex Drive.

Original Link Source: Taylor Marsh.

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