Monday, May 22, 2006

The Sugar Rush

GiveMeMyJello, Please!

Back in the old days, when I was still in gradual school*, my wife used to run a daycare.

The thing about daycares is that there are always parties, what with birthdays, and holidays, and kids leaving days, and kids coming days, and weather days, and just, well, days of days days.

Kind of like photo-ops for politicos.

Anyway, I always liked to go, not because I was particularly fond of the parties or the kids, but because of the food.

And there was one kid there at the time that liked the food way more than me, especially the deserts.

Once, over the course of about an hour-and-a-half, I watched her scarf down about 8 or 10 cookies, two pieces of cake, a huge bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup, and masses upon masses of green jello topped with that gooey, polymer-based whipped sort-of cream.

I think she was five at the time.

A little while later, with the damage done and a huge sugar rush just starting to subside, I was amazed to hear her scream, just as her parents were trying to get her to leave.....

"But, I haven't had any desert yet!"

Which, of course, brings to mind the propagandist sugar rush glut for intellectual toddlers that the Iranian Badge story (see below if you have been out actually doing stuff all weekend) has now become. Because, as the three day Canadian newcycle deadzone that is the Victoria Day long weekend draws to a close**, there are now 256 Iranian Badge stories listed in Google News and 1392 Blog posts on the matter. In addition, as Alison tells us, organs like Rupert Murdoch's NY Post are running with the fabrication, unabridged, in a second wave, and it has been up on the Mr. Drudge's and Mr. Limbaugh's fertilizer spreaders all weekend (it is still up on the latter with the linguistic link to Nazi Germany, careful, not 'reason safe'). What's more, if you read the comments on places like Antonia Zerbisias' site, where actual facts are being rooted out regarding how the story came into being, it is clear that entire swaths of the population are happily gobbling down the psy-ops-green jello, hand-over-fist.

So, are we surprised that the official psy-ops network, FOX News, has not yet joined in the gluttony, sticking so far with the low-carb, Newswire version of the story.

Of course not.

After all, when you've got folks like the Magnificent AsperSons passing you raw sugar under the table, it's easy to keep your plate clean until the real gluttony begins.

*Gradual school is a place where you go until you gradually decide it's time to stop.
**And don't think that this thing was not timed for the weekend when every self respecting CanCon editor working in the Center of the Universe hightailed it out of dodge for the opening of Cottage season, because, as Ms. Z. is reporting, the Whirlitzer actually started to crank-up behind the scenes on Thursday. Which can only make one wonder, when did the PMO hear about the story. Was it before, or after, publication?


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