Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The 'Other' Trial


BC Mary, in the comments to our recent post about what seems like the eight trillionth delay in the British Columbia Ledge Raid trials, makes an excellent point about a related situation in which the days in court have actually begun:

The trial of former RCMP constable Ravinder Dosanjh got under way very, very quietly. Not a bit like Glen Clark's porch.

This is really the first of the trials triggered by the raid on the B.C. Legislature.

Today Ian Mulgrew, in Vancouver Sun, is reporting on it, including a poignant description of a devastated young Dosanjh finally realizing where one small step after another, has taken him: to a courtroom, charged with obstruction of justice, drug trafficking, etc.

Mulgrew's report could be describing Dave Basi, Bob Virk, and Aneal Basi, who IMO are not career criminals, either.

They were bright, ambitious young family men who learned quickly to blend into what they saw going on around (and above) them in the corridors and back rooms of power.

Punishing Basi & Virk assumes a certain insignificance when measured against their unique ability to help British Columbians understand precisely "what was going on around (and above) them" which cost this province a railroad, perhaps more.

Mary has also started her own blog on the Basi Virk issue, which should be most hopeful down the road as few in this province, including almost all the mainstream journos, have kept up with this issue like she has.


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