Wednesday, April 19, 2017

BC Election Campaign Roundup...Week 2 So Far.


Nevermind all this talk about minor league credit ratings (which Laila Yuile deals with very effectively, here).

Instead, take note of the fact that the fine folks that the BC Liberal wizards have hired to run the war room appear to have research in hand that has resulted in their recommending an 'All Christy All The Time' (ACATT) strate(r)gy.

Which means that the campaign is shaping up to be a 'Beyond The Valley Of The Stealth Cons' saga all over again.


Put another way....BC Liberal cannon fodder....errrr....candidates will not be showing up for local riding meetings/debates where they might actually say something which could lead to real problems for ACATT.

Especially if the candidates were to say things that actually make sense compared to the ginned-up word salad being spewed under the ACCATT doctrine.

Spew like.....This.


As Bob Mackin has noted, even so-called 'star' candidates like the good Mr. Darling are running away from such local debates*.

Which has me wondering.....

Are those super-stealthy, voter-suppressive robo-callish-type democracy-mangling machines I can see lurking just over the leaders' debate horizon?

What's a 'Stealth Con' you may be asking?....Well....You know.....Which really leaves one wondering who the true generals are in that BCL war room.
*And/or speeding away from them while driving a corinthian leather-lined vehicle provided very finest of the fine member of the new car dealers' association of Clarklandia.



Anonymous said...

BCHydro demand misrepresented?

Anonymous said...

UK PM Theresa May has stated - quite emphatically - that she will be talking to voters and too busy to go to a single debate after calling for a snap election there.

I wonder if CC4BC has the chutzpah to follow suit.

Anonymous said...

Video BC 20 min

Willy said...

-Off subject but Mike Smyth nailed Dingdong today when he tripped him up on some, um, Fiberal un- Factitudes. Dejong's response - Want a cookie?

Not a good week in Clarkland....

RossK said...

Got it Willy - thanks.

Definitely not a good week in Clarkland.

Which is why, given that it is all they have left, that the Wizards and the Generallisimos are sure to double down on ACATT.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ross,

I hope citizens are awake and ready to ditch Clark just like we finally ditched Stephen Harper.

I cannot believe how biased MSM coverage is in favoring the Liberals, in between non stop promotion of the Greens.

Today there is NO mainstream media of Mike De Jong's flip flop on *not* eliminating medical premiums after all except for Mike Smyth's masterful smack down (what a pleasure to watch the video of some actual journalism).

To add insult to injury, this morning the CBC-BC website headlines "NDP Losing the Fight for Fiscal Credibility" written by KEVIN FALCON!! wtf??

Kevin Falcon?? The right wing Liberal hatchet man?! And CBC is promoting that crap? I expect this s*** from the Postmedia gang and Global but CBC?

And of course *NO* MSM coverage of the billions in promises by the Liberals and Greens. Talk about biased coverage.

We have to take back our province from this corporate cabal.


e.a.f. said...

Given there approx. 25 former Harper staffers working for or around jean and photo op queen Christy clark, its not surprising the campaign looks like a re run of Stephen Harper's. Now if we can only get the same results as the federal election with: out with the old and in with the news.

if the B.C. Lieberals are re elected we can expect no roll backs of MSP but rather an increase, along with a whole lot of other increases. Rationale, interest rates going up and they have to be prepared.

Scotty on Denman said...

ACATT is fraught with risk for the BC Liberals: Christy's approval rating lags, her disapproval rating vastly superior. The BC Liberals' ace-in-the-hole last time has neither the plausibility of improving with her own mandate (that's been a total dud---not just LNG, either), nor a pacifically cooperative opponent.

It's as you say: having not atoned for any of her predecessor's many transgressions, and having added many of her own, makes referring to the BC Liberal record almost impossible---meaning they got little left except ACATT, as you call it.

Only thing left is Site-C, designed, built and paid for by the public purse for three reasons related to the BC Liberals' dearth of merit-points: as a distraction away from their own record, as a device to entrap John Horgan into a pre-cast narrative of innuendo and ad hominem, and to give Christy something to stump on, she being expert at the incessant, one-note paean.

John Horgan, in a process of elimination, is assiduously citing the BC Liberal record and has referred Site-C to the BCUC (the proper ting to do that Christy should have done but purposely didn't), leaving only...

...yeah, All-Christy-All-The-Time. Oh those poor BC Liberals! What a fix they've gotten themselves into!

I think Horgan's immediate and forceful response to Christy's baseless hacking smear really stung, a grim reminder that the BC Liberals' hoped-for repeat of last time has been permanently discontinued---her dithering apology cost the unofficial campaign over a week as it recovered, and has seriously wounded their capability and capacity to fight. Yet, as counterproductive as Christy's brash, dismissive style has become, they have no choice but to deploy it.

At least Site-C remains a high-viz stage to shout stump-whoppers to a beholden, friendly crowd of Albetar Oil-patch refugees. And, again, it plays to Christy's expertise at one-not paeans. This one-third part of the dam's intent is also working well in avoiding media questions about all the other urgent questions and issues in the flotsam of the BC Liberal regime. Having to actually go to Site-C to realize the desired effect means Christy is falling behind in Lower Mainland stumping. Meanwhile, reputable criticism of the economic dubiousness of the dam mounts and is becoming an issue in most ridings far from the Peace River.

The only question (other than election day) is weather Christy's characteristic hyperbole can possibly be additive to any effect. I think her reputation for straight-faced fibbing would preclude that. But, it's like you say...

Anonymous said...

Fibbing and misleading and misspoke all the same as ..wait for it.....LYING.

North Van's Grumps said...

and here I thought, while listening to the 1130 debate, when Christy said, that her parents would never leave HER without anything as an inheritance .... or something to that effect.


Bruce Clark is Christy' brother.

Who are their other two siblings?

Do they support their sister's view of family life?

Anonymous said...

It seems the tide has turned, especially when former hatchet men and their ilk have to resort to writing articles about the BC NDP that are most accurately describing what is happening under the BC Liberals.
Perhaps, in some bizarre way, Kevin's aricle is describing the BC Liberal fiscal mess, as it spirals out of control. Lots of donation money though, and more ICBC and BC hydro rates being readied to crank up as soon as the elections over, to keep those general revenues and our corporate friends happy, eh.

The truth in all of this, of the mis-truths and false facts that are constantly used by Clark and Co., to hide the real fiscal realities in this governance.
Truth for them, was tossed in the trash, long ago.