Thursday, April 06, 2017

This Day In Clarklandian Real Estate CronyLand...Was This Big Rich's Plan All Along?


From Mr. Eby's latest missive to the nowhere-to-be-found* Clarklandian Minister of Everything...

Send out the next wave of Deputy Ministers!

*Closed door big money meet-ups excepted, of course.

Speaking of Deputy Ministers not named 'Henderson', how is this for internal uber-apologetic unaccountability?



North Van's Grumps said...

Isn't the response from Coleman just oh so Gordon Campbell / Colin Hansen with the HST not being on their RADAR during the election?

And Finance Minister Hansen left it up to Whitmarsh to keep his mouth shut about the deteriorating finances of the Province And Whitmarsh who move on to look after the Firings of the Health Researchers, eh

Anonymous said...

speaking of close to the deadline and punting...

Schools given another year
Colin Dacre - Apr 5, 2017

The provincial government has granted three schools in the South Okanagan at least one more year of oxygen, with funding announced today through the province's rural education enhancement fund.

School Districts 67 and 53 received the expected $1.1M needed to keep the doors of Trout Creek and West Bench Elementary and Osoyoos Secondary open, but in the long term, the continued operation of the schools is still up in the air.

Willy said...

Do any of the Liberals have a soul or a conscience at all?

e.a.f. said...

Willy you ask a very good question. Some may do but their political ambitions get in the way.

In my opinion C.C. and her supporters are only interested in making money which benefits them. They will do what ever is required to stay in power, hence the recent tossing around of a lot of money. After the election, if she is re elected all of that money will be withdrawn because the province will be stuck with her and her friends.

at some level we can blame the B.C. Lieberals but the voters of this province have become her enablers. they voted her into office last time because of her promises. Did she deliver? In my opinion, not to the average taxpayer. to her friends and supporters of course. Will she be re elected? depends upon her enablers. will be cut of the substance abuser or let her go on for another 4 years. The substance she abuses is people, the tax dollars, and the province.

Scotty on Denman said...

My analysis differs. I don't think anybody really believed Christy's preposterous LNG whoppers. Rather, because the NDP did its utmost to show it wasn't ready to govern, that opened, by default, the possibility---no matter how remote---that Christy would improve once she'd secured her own mandate. That's how bad the NDP campaign was.

There was faint plausibility in the default-option because, after all, she only won the leadership midterm after Gordo's HST scandal had brought the party to its knees; she probably wasn't allowed into the kitchen whilst half of his caucus prepared to jump ship, and the other half calculated how to make use of the policy-light Christy without her messing up their best laid plans to continue parasitizing BC's public enterprises. She gave them two years to either retreat in "good" order or firewall themselves in for incumbency---as much from her as from the stunted chicken-wing of BC law enforcement.

I don't know how many of the new BC Liberal candidates---half of caucus---ran to get in on the tough of perks and other privileges of power. Remember, the party wasn't expected to win. Doubtlessly the fresh faces relieved some of the opprobrium the Gordo-cum-Christy caucus had earned for itself. But the two-note campaign, Christy's LNG whoppers plus stock, ad hominem smears of the NDP, would not have prevailed if the NDP's campaign was even slightly better. It simply wasn't---which was, in itself, a decisive condemnation. If you can't look better than the worst, you ARE the worst---at least on the shrunken election campaign stage.

Christy failed to win her own seat and had to be parachuted into the absolute safest seat in BC. The party was forced to keep her on because, while Christy was unloved, the BC Liberals were hated; thus she was awarded not the premiership, but a high wattage cheerleader post in service to an even more secretive and reclusive pack of neo-right parasites and saboteurs of public enterprise. Her salary top-up and jet-set cavalcade were proffered so she'd acquiesce to the effective demotion. Initially the so-called "801 faction" appeared ready to, if not waylay her, then at least tacitly let her prancing majorette boots step in doo-doo by boo-boo; but once she'd accepted her new PR position---replete with premierial rumpus-room full of school chums, the government could settle in and prepare for the biggest test of all, the first electoral assessment of Christy's first mandate.

Thus, if you want to ask if BC Liberals have souls, you must first recognize the basic structure of this neo-right abomination of a government. Of its four main components, the central, controlling Campbellite cabal, the Cheerleader's Office, their crony parasites, and the freshmen faction, I'd suggest each occupies its own position on the slippery slope to perdition, only a few still having a hope of salvation. In opposition, that is.

Len said...

I bet people like Murray Edwards and Jim Shepherd ,the ccforbc and future prosperity b.c.loons are real proud of themselves for proping up this band of thieves called the B.C. Liberals,,they are a wonderfull group,,,,toss the RCMP in too unless they actually do something this time other than sweep the shit under the rug again just like the raid on the legislature

e.a.f. said...

Oh, Len please don't count on the RCMP to do anything concerning the B.C. Lieberals. The B.C. Lieberals signed a 20 year deal with the RCMP and if a new government cancelled it what would Surrey do with that huge new headquarters the RCMP built and 6,000 no longer needed officers? That is a problem for the RCMP so don't expect them to do anything regarding C.C. and the B.C. Lieberals.

Remember this is the government when an RCMP unit started to have a really, really good look at money laundering via the B.C. Casinos, the unit, well it disappeared and the investigation went no where. So the question is: did the money laundering stop or did the B.C. Lieberals/RCMP make it easier to launder money in B.C. Casinos? Just asking. It is election time and some of us want to know. ?This election isn't all about education and health care.

Anonymous said...

Has the BC middle class been fleeced?
BC libs turn bell curve into a inverted working poor and non working rich?with less in the middle?