Thursday, April 13, 2017

This Easter Weekend In Clarkland: Good Friday Reminds Us That...

....Our fine Premier has a real problem with basic facts and truths:

Unless, of course, the good Ms. Clark really is telling her loyal and hardworking, not to mention sacrificial, subjects that crucifixion will be their just rewards.

Or some such word salad spinner set-to-infinity-type thing.

The original tweet is from 2015...Reading the responses is hilarious.



North Van's Grumps said...

Supposedly the BC NDP were expected to win in 2013, and with that fear the BC Liberals sought out for more financial resources DURING the election:

During the 2013 Election ....
Rewarded in Donations for the Month of April 2013 Total Contribution For This Search: $2,205,079.09

No totals for this year are available via Elections BC, but ....

Rewarded in Donations for the Month of April 2016 Total Contribution For This Search: $966,946.02

Scotty on Denman said...

Christy is as inappropriate as a baton-twirling majorette at a funeral.

She seems incapable of avoiding the goo, and almost revels in splashing through it.

Her response to the sister of the public healthcare employee who'd been falsely accused of wrongdoing and hectored to the point of suicide is just another case in point: despite serious consequences mounting in the wake of that tragic event, Christy seemed only concerned with spin and photo-opportunity as she insulted the grieving sister's demands for accountability with an offer of a personal, premierial apology, particularly that it was qualified with "if it'll give her [the sister] closure..." and spiced with the happiness Christy would realize from affecting this obvious dodge of her government's responsibility---and her own responsibility as premier. She almost seemed enthusiastic---without a shred of contrition.

Christy is astoundingly inconsiderate of anyone in her parade's path. Her response to the sister's demands for accountability was tantamount to saying: I'll be very happy to be absolved of this offence, but only if you forgo explanation, consequence and assurances it won't happen to anyone ever again, by way of a simple, no-fuss, no-muss apology for--uh--from me, but only half as happy as I am that this has provided me the photo-opportunity to look like this never happened and we won't ever have to speak of it again. Aren't I cool...!

This weekend, the premier will be back at work prancing along at the head of the parade, working a little harder because, as everybody knows at Easter, she twirls the somewhat trickier crucifix of the dying Jesus. It's all photo-op all the time and the show must go on!

e.a.f said...

Scotty on Denman, I can hardly type because of the visual on that last paragraph. I want someone to do a cartoon on that one, and put it on a t-shirt. I'll buy. On that is so funny, twirling the crucifix. that bitch is so stupid she just doesn't get it.

Easter is about the crucifiction of Christ. How he was crucified, died, rose, and sit on the right hand of God. Now they tell us in Sunday school he died for our sins. O.K. I think I got that right.

I don't think Christ thought being crucified was his "reward". If I'm not mistaken and don't consult a Bible, if I could find one, it has a line in there, that as Christ was dying he did call out to God about how unhappy he was being crucified. Christy, Christy, you poor dumby, can't even get the Easter story right. Have a rewarding and meaningful Easter. WTF is that supposed to mean? Most of us in B.C. aren't Christians in case you haven't noticed. As to meaningful, WTF is that supposed to mean. One in five kids is living in poverty during this time? Is that meaningful or is their suffering supposed to help them get into heaven? I'd so love an answer from that dim wit.

How can Easter be meaningful for all those who are living in inadequate housing, dealing with mental illness, wondering how they are going to pay the rent because they're disabled and only receive $908 plus $21, if they have a bus pass. guess that is where the suffering comes in. Christy must think suffering is a good thing, so perhaps she could suffer a little also, like the rest living in this province trying to get by. How about it Christy, you live on a disability pension for a month? Not so much?

Christy needs to understand enough of the B.C. population has died because of her and the rest of us don't want to die because of her. There are already 8 dead children in care who made the ultimate sacrifice for her being premier and inadequate. Lately we had 4 dead from "death by hospital" so they've made the ultimate sacrifice for Christy not being able to run hospitals or health care in this province and then we had the ultimate sacrifice of the health researcher who saw his world destroyed by your government and killed himself. In a manner of speaking Christy has crucified enough people in this province.

As to her comments regarding the sister of the dead researcher I thought I was going to throw up. when the reporter brought up the subject Christy began by negating her feelings by saying, "she is still grieving". Well, well, well, the your brother is dead because of the actions of your government and you've got a problem with her grieving. And there she is all the while grinning like it was a joke of some sort. I couldn't believe it. Yes, she is as Scotty says, as inappropriate as a majorette at a funeral and she is as cold and inconsiderate as a serial killer.

But hey once again Christy Clark has demonstrated what an idiot she is and Scotty on Denman has given us all a good laugh.

Ed Seedhouse said...

I thought the message of "Good" Friday was that if you go around telling people to love one another and to return evil with good you are gonna get the authorities pissed off at you and are likely to be executed.

RossK said...


There you go again....gettin' all literal 'bout things 'n stuff.

If our fine Premier knew that folks were actually going to hold he to account for the things she says, well...

She probably would just say more of said things to ensure that nobody can keep track.

All snark aside...I find it most interesting how this one has taken off on the interwebz two years after the fact.


Willy said...

Couldn't help but think of Mr. Anderson with the Queen's message.

Anonymous said...

Of course, Pontius. In a raw Roman world, what matters is Caesar and not Socrates.

It is a sobering political principle, well worth remembering.

And, to this day, well worth rejecting.