Friday, April 21, 2017

First Debate Post-Game Wrap-Up....Where's Weaver Now?


It looks like the Wizards of Clarklandia really have gone full metal Lib-Con with their war room.


Even the good Mr. Kinsella, Warren not Patrick, got in on the act when it came time to let fly with the codswallop in the immediate wake of yesterday's usery mouthpiece-moderated debate.

Codswallop that most of the local proMedia herd dutifully rolled around in before they got up and filed their copy.

Interestingly, Nancy Macdonald of Macleans managed to stay out of stinkiest of the crap on the ground and actually came up with something interesting to say after she first described John Horgan's combative nature:

...Yet Horgan’s weakness may also be his strength. Where some see anger, others see passion. Voters rarely see a full debate. They watch it in clips on their Facebook feeds and the nightly news. The point of it all is to make yourself look strong and nimble.

And there were times Clark’s attacks fell flat. In her defence, the party has given her little to work with. The stale and hackneyed Liberal platform, an exhaustive celebration of the government record, contains almost no new promises; this has forced her to try to fight back using the tired, Liberal strategy of drumming up fear over the NDP’s mid-‘90’s record. “It’s April, 2017,” Horgan said at one point, shutting down the attack. “What are you going to do for people today?”...

It will be interesting to see if regular folks do come to see the passion positively as voting day approaches.

Personally, I think they just might especially if Mr. Horgan continues to define himself rather than allowing the LibCons do it for him as happened to Mr. Dix last time around.


Is anyone talking about Mr. Weaver today?



Norm Farrell said...

The Keef appeared with Jon McComb, a legitimate broadcast journalist, today and claimed that Horgan damaged his campaign by looking at Clark during the radio debate.

As a non-politico in my family said, "Does he [Baldrey] think we're all stupid?"

Anonymous said...

SH @ RossK

Ron Faris' comment re the article, could bury Andrew Creative With the Truth Weaver…if it got traction…

A tiny snippet:

"In this current campaign Andrew Weaver – my MLA and Green party leader – claims we constituents should look at his track record. His record is that he voted for the 2013 and 2014 BC Liberal government budgets that raised BC Ferries fares and cut coastal service, and raised rates of BC Hydro, ICBC, and Medical Service premiums . These increased costs of public services have greatly added to the unaffordability of BC life which many citizens have had to grapple with over the past four years.

Mr Weaver provided – in an exchange of letters to editor with me – three reasons why he voted for the regressive BC Liberal budgets that made life less affordable not only in his own Island riding but also across the province..."

re Andy's silence, perhaps he is poaching too many votes from the BC Liberals and he has been given a directive to stand down?

Lew said...


Seems we had similar experiences. I was driving my wife to a medical appointment when the Keef’s inane utterance graced the airwaves. She watched the debate live yesterday and let’s just say had formed a somewhat different opinion than Keef. Good thing the windows were up, or there would have been some burned eardrums on the sidewalk at Oak and 12th.

She told the medical statff not to bother with the sphygmomanometer unless they wanted the top end blown off.

e.a.f. said...

Warren Kinsella's post regarding the "B.C. debate" was a hoot. First thing it told me is the B.C. Lieberals are so desperate, they had to reach all the way to Ontario for help. Of course that would be easy given who Christy Clark's ex is and who Ms. Mills is, a friend of Warren Kinsell's wife. He defended her rather well when she was "hauled" back to Ontario to face charges.

So much for Warren.

Warren then went so far as to have to reference non other than "the dean", Vaughan Palmer, and his opinion regarding Horgan's performance in the debate. I did explain to Warren that Vaughan's main job is to re write and post as articles in his column, press releases from the B.C. Lieberals. that he works for the Vancouver Sun and they don't want to upset the financial apple cart which provides them with millions in advertising from the B.C. government/Lieberals.

Kinsella writes a fairly decent blog, but he doesn't print things which are anti Christy, as I've observed over the years. If it says Liberal Warren supports it. He doesn't understand Christy isn't a lieberal, she's a Con. She has 25 of them from Harper's office working for her and around her.

There is not much Christy and the B.C. Lieberals can to sway voters who have their minds made up.

As to Weaver, he is just another B.C. Lieberal who says he's Green. Not so much. He's been in office for 4 years and I've yet to see him say or do much which opposes Christy and her cabal. A Vote for the Greens is a vote for Christy. of course if the Greens elect a few MLAs. I expect they will replace Weaver as soon as they realize his game. hey it happened to Gordon Wilson, it can happen to Weaver.

RossK said...

Norm and Lew--

Do we know for sure that the Keef is either legitimate or a journalist of the broadcasterish kind?



Makes one wonder if, perhaps, the hue of Ms. Clark's debate garb had as much to do with mimicking Mr. Weaver et al. as with matching the radio station's set colour.



As we discussed previously, Mr. Weaver et al. are CClark's real balance of power.


Anonymous said...

And don't forget the BC Liberal Party necklace advertising

e.a.f. said...

ah what fun on a Sat. morning, or my version of it. checked Warren Kinsella's blog: NOT A SINGLE POST BY A READER WHICH IS SUPPORTIVE OF CHRISTY, EXCEPT ONE! NO OTHER COMMENTS WERE POSTED BY WARREN KINSELLA. So the question is what are Warren and the B.C. Lieberals so afraid of? I understand its his blog, but really, one comment on an article such as the one he wrote. What fun. I'd suggest Warren Kinsella is afraid of the truth and what it means here in B.C. of course it says a lot about Warren Kinsella also.