Saturday, April 29, 2017

This Weekend In Clarkland....Discredit Everyone.


First, from the corner marked 'integrity' in the Wizards' war room...

Next, Marky Mark lights his pants on fire...

Fine bunch of folks I reckon.

A little birdy tells me that the Keef may have been the friendified cut-out on this 'story'...Does anyone have a link?



G West said...

Interesting - I've had some trouble with Zussman's work from time to time - too bad he just sticks these little stories up on Twitter,

Grant G said...

You want the Keith Baldrey link? it is..

Today..Saturday April 29th 12:41 pm ..

on the issue of Linda video..

from Baldrey, and I quote..

"Things like this pop up at times,.....BC Liberals claim she was plant, worked for Nicholas Simons but that distinction gets lost on the viewer"

That's right, after 10 minutes of pumping the Green's tires Balderdash echoes the NDP plant meme and leaves it hanging...

Cheers Ears Wide Open

Crankypants said...

In this game of "spy vs spy", what if the now infamous Linda was really a Liberal plant pretending to be a non Christy supporter to create suspicion of the NDP hacking their little photo-op? Any political party that has some dilbag following their main opposition's bus with a truck covered in less than honest posters, that may in some cases border as slander, could quite conceivably have set up this whole stunt.

In this era of fake news one can never assume things are as they seem.

Eleanor Gregory said...

Does the Premier have a hard time believing that a citizen of this province would have the courage to speak the power?

RossK said...


Of course she does.


Thanks for that Grant.

Keef Report comin'...




Too bad, indeed.

One thing for sure...If the BCL wins again, Mr. Sussman will not receive a Smartian-style sinecure.


Kim said...

Smyth actually talked to her. Linda, that is. She is not a member of any part

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy with christy and her cabal is UNBELIEVABLE !! accusing the opposition of "planting a NDP supporter to embarrass christy" meanwhile they have a hired hack driving around in a rusty old truck to the opposition leaders rallies to do what? Oh right "embarrass him" I guess its ok for the BC liberals to do ANYTHING to get elected, but if anyone, citizens included, tries their tricks, even if unintentional, are called every name in the book and the bc liberals will attempt to ruin their reputation!

North Van's Grumps said...

Couldn't Christy have been a bit more diplomatic while grandstanding on the north shore by saying: "You're right, you won't vote for me because I have a safe riding seat in Kelowna West".

Christy had two incumbent mla with her, Yamamoto and ThornWAITe, their ridings are NOT safe.

e.a.f. said...

if Clark was campaigning in North Vancouver, then she isn't so sure she is going to win those ridings. With many homes being vacant in many ridings, there won't be people to vote for Christy. Those who remain may not be able to vote, not being citizens. Then those who have homes in some ridings, may be upset they had to pay as much as they did for their homes and others who are being property taxed out of their neighbourhoods might not be inclined to vote for Christy Clark and her B.C. lieberals. Not every body in the housing game is a winner. Only those who sold and got out totally.

Anonymous said...

Team BC2017, the legacy...arrogant has been's. Isn't this the same Ms. Miller facing a hearing in Ontario? Seems that malfeasance is doggin this " team" to a certain extent and everyday brings us more revelations.

"Democracy Yay,"shouts the soon to be deposed premier, but you don't answer questions, you shun those who you should ask why to, and yes even turn and walk away on opportunities, to make yourself and the party platform clear, to those who have legitimate concerns. you really think you can get elected by being this arrogant, this flippant and then your party has the gall to say it was an NDP scheme?

Give you collective heads a shake. Fools in a fools paradise, the wheels of change have arrived, your done.

Anonymous said...

Just in case no one has seen this.

DavemJ said...

As kris sang Lord help me Jesus I've wasted it so Help me Jesus my life is in your hands?..

RossK said...

Amen Dave.

Thanks for the updates everyone.


Willy said...

Has Christy had some plastic facial surgery? It looks like her head is suffering from constipation (with the contents that's not surprising)