Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This Day In Scared Crapless Clarklandia...The Back End Of The Push.


Yesterday, we noted how Ron Obvious, he of the Globe And No Longer Empire Mail, got pushed by Socred/BCLiberal operative Greg Lyle to lower public expectations on polls to come showing the Dippers surging in the wake of the first leaders' debate last week.

We also noted Mr. Lyle's previous tag team efforts with Clarklandian wizard Mike McDonald.

And then, once those Dippers surging polls came out we got the back end from the good Mr. McDonald courtesy Mikey Mike in the Province:

Christy Clark’s campaign war room has issued an urgent warning to her Liberal party troops on the ground:

New polls showing the NDP with a big lead are to be taken seriously. Don’t count on the pollsters to be wrong again. You’re going to have to work for every vote to win.

“This campaign is a dogfight,” senior Liberal strategist Mike McDonald wrote on his daily campaign blog Tuesday.

“I do not discount the potential of an NDP victory. They are tough adversaries.”

The warning from the party brass comes after a Mainstreet Research poll put John Horgan’s NDP on top with 44 per cent of decided votes, a full 10 points ahead of the Liberals at 34 per cent...


Given all this, will the Clarklandians double down and continue to smear Horgan for actually fighting, for real.


Will they throw caution to the windscreen and start blaming Dave Barrett for creating ICBC?

I reckon we'll have the answer about halfway through tonight's debate when the digital warriors of the Klout Klub start bleating.

If you get my drift.

Don't know about you but I sure do enjoy watching the local puffed-up punditry hoist themselves up onto their own evils of insider access petard.



Anonymous said...

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of election war fare.

Chuckstraight said...

The corporations of BC are very scared of losing control.

Anonymous said...

B.C. Liberal Leader Christy Clark, B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan and B.C. Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver will face off on April 26 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. PT.

The event will be hosted by the B.C. Broadcast Consortium and moderated by CTV anchor and former CBC host Jennifer Burke.

Leaders will speak on a "wide range of topics" during the discussion and answer questions sent in by British Columbians. Afterwards, they'll take questions about their performance at a media conference.

Watch on Global, CTV or the livestream on or CBC Vancouver's Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it more then interesting how Mr. Baldrey has become the chief strategist on how to win debates. Participants would be wise to do the opposite of his suggestions and follow their own agenda and game plan; not his.

Len said...

kevin falcon is now circling,and scumball scambell is hiding behind the curtain...what a crew

Anonymous said...

Ah, rearranging the deck chairs on the SS(sinking ship) Christy Clark. Not that the NDP can stop the sinking mind you, but they have to keep up the pressure on the Libcon party and her cohorts.
Now it's time for the NDP to go all out into "the bury them and take no prisoners" mode.
Should be an interesting and " educational debate" and let's hope the final nails are put into this tired and worn out ...and broken BC Liberal government.

Pass the popcorn please....!

North Van's Grumps said...

David Barrett - The Father of 649 and BC Lottery?

Regretfully I authorized the first lottery structure in British Columbia. It was much to my policy regret that we were instrumental in
establishing the 649 program, the scratch and win programs, this was in response at the time to the amount of money that was leaving Canada with the Irish sweepstakes which was substantial.

On reflection of these past years I think it was a mistake that I made in my government along with the other governments that allowed the
development of the lotteries corporation. And I regret this. Nothing that I can do will change it but I was instrumental in making that decision and we were instrumental in setting up the first lotteries across Canada.

Anonymous said...

Well they certainly made a mess of ICBC now didn't they. And stealing from them also. Obviously we're paying too much if they can take it away, time to give back to those paying.

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOO, not Falcon!!!!

Anonymous said...

What real people have to say about the BC Liberals...

'Many of these writers say they are Liberal supporters...'

Len said...

Can anyone tell me if the new tariff is on raw logs too or just lumber,,cuz guess who's raw logs keep mills in washington and maybe some in oregon operating,,,

Lew said...


The complaint concerned lumber, not timber(logs). But to your point, there are log exports to the U.S. although nowhere near the volume to other countries.

North Van's Grumps said...

60,000 direct jobs from bc lumber, 140 rural communities, $14 billion, 22% etc .... Taking A Stand - United action on BC Softwood

North Van's Grumps said...

ooops SB

Willy said...

Just to lighten things up a bit....

Anonymous said...

Thanks Willy. Well worth the click!

BC Green Party
Transportation: Make bike lanes BC’s official spirit animal
Environment: Establish carbonite tax to reduce bounty hunter emissions
Security: There should definitely be a security
Indigenous Affairs: Acknowledge BC sits on unceded land before every event you hold anyway
Housing: Compost the homeless

Scotty on Denman said...

Popcorn-Anon above: I like "no quarter" better than "take no prisoners."

We can't risk splitting the vote and allow the BC Liberals to win, nor can we accept a BC Liberal minority or a Green-BC Liberal coalition, all scenarios allowing the party to survive artificially and consumptively upon our society and environment. Any kind of BC Liberal win permits the permitter to once again permit themselves operational secrecy and immunity; a win would further damage the province. It means no quarter can be given until the BC Liberals are defeated completely. That'd be something most would Grant Devine, and well deserved---prayers answered.

The matter of prisoners is federal jurisdiction. Many a venerable party has been finished off by much less; many parties of the right have not survived defeat in BC: Liberals (not to be confused with today's far neo-right BC Liberals), Conservatives, and even their anti-CCF coalition, did not survive the political wilderness---at least not in the same skins---the Socreds being, for a while, the notable exception, but they too vanished quickly after Bennet Jr's regime. The NDP barely survived a severe thrashing, but has hung on to maintain a proud legacy, leaving it now the oldest constituted parliamentary party in BC, stronger for the experience, the more so after some good lessons over the past decade and a half.

It doesn't at first seem like the most important question right now should be whether the BC Liberals could, if defeated, survive as a viable party. It's a matter of what's found thus-far unrevealed. We only know now, while they're still in control of what the public is allowed to see, that they've done their utmost to obscure what they can, smirked their way through a lot of highly suspect arrangements they've made, bragged about gaming the system, and failed nonetheless to avoid inviting serious charges despite having power to thwart being investigated.

Having just watched the debate, I can see the big question probably remains Green vote-splitting---that is, I didn't see anything to recommend Christy's performance---which, of course, is still risking a BC Liberal government of some kind. However, Horgan's performance was very good and I think a lot of people have been waiting for the debate to make up their minds. Post-debate, it seems clearer than ever what needs to be done.

Crankypants said...

If some of the Liberal cheerleaders weren't worried about the election before tonight's debate they should be shaking in their collective boots now. Ms. Clark's performance was horrible. She may as well have just sent in a couple of the Liberal commercials currently running on the television and have them played when it was her turn to respond. She danced around every question asked of her. If any of the MSM political hacks says anything different then they should turn in their credentials and contemplate a career change forthwith. If I were a donor to the BC Liberal Party I would be looking for a refund.

Did anyone win? In my opinion it was a photo finish between Mr. Weaver and Mr. Horgan. Any claims by either of their parties that their man won would get no argument from me.

North Van's Grumps said...

Odd that the Premier came out with the threat to block American coal being shipped through Vancouver / Fraser Ports when there's the possibility that she might not be the Premier. What then? Will the new Premier be forced to retract the stand taken by Christy Clark?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Off to vote I gloat.
I wanted to drain the moat.
But to my suprise, the lib green disguise.
I decided not to split the vote.

RossK said...


Very cool.