Wednesday, April 05, 2017

This Day In Clarkland....Ignore Those Wizards Behind The Curtain and Focus On The Real Thing.


Sometimes, the Blog Crawl has absolutely everything you need.

First, advice on how to deal with neandercons and their crony army from my favourite USian denizen of Left Blogistan since the days of Steve Gilliard:

"...Ignore their talking points and their spin and focus on what they do and how they act..."

Backed with a recent post from the Lotusland Bloggodome's best, Norm Farrell, that adroitly explains how big money resource extracting donors to the BC Liberals get paid.

First, go read Norm's entire post (it will only take a minute). 

And then ask yourself why, exactly, we have a mining ministry that waves pom-poms for the big money donors while simultaneously kinda/sorta (but not really) regulating said cronies....errrrr...donors.


Who is Steve Gilliard, you may be asking?....The best I ever saw (and/or read).



Anonymous said...

Audio 12m

RossK said...

Thanks for the heads-up Anon-Above--

Please see our latest post on the topic...