Saturday, April 08, 2017

This Post-Report Weekend In Clarkland...Why Did They Want The Ombudsperson So Much?


Besides the fact that Vaughn Palmer of the Vancouver Sun also called for it way back when why, exactly, did the Wizards of Clarkland want the Ombudsperson to run the latest investigation of the Health Researcher firings by the government of Christy Clark, Susan Anton and Mike de Jong?


It turns out that the explanation is laying right there in Ombudsperson Chalke's report of his investigation (pg 31 of pdf file):


There you have it.

At  the 'most basic level' the investigation was kept from public view because  it was 'required' and because it was a 'central feature' of said investigation.

Imagine that!

Looks like the one lasting accountability impact aspect of the report may turn out to be an actual documentation of Ms. Clark's statements to Mr. Chalke that turn out to be at complete odds to what she is spouting to the proMedia now....Laila Yuile and Paul Willcocks both noticed.



North Van's Grumps said...

Your Paul Willcock's line has ONE comment, which is telling

Rebecca Warburton said...

She lied one of those times, or both.

RossK said...


Based on our fine Premier's past performance, I think Ms. Warburon just may be on to something re: 'or both'.


North Van's Grumps said...

Private investigation has failed to lead to charges, convictions of the crime by BC Liberal Cabinet.

Time to move onto 'civil trial and/or a public inquiry'

Anonymous said...

What no RCMP?

Len said...

She must have relatives of RCMP officers working in her office too

Anonymous said...

Jay Chalke says there was "no political interference" in the health firings . . .


"No political interference" when the brand new Health Minister gave a very serious press conference about the firings, stated there was a huge breach of citizens' health data and an RCMP investigation?!?

Would that press conference ever have ever happened without being signed off by the Premier's office? OF COURSE NOT.

"No political interference" when the health firings were used to shut down the Therapeutics Initiative? The health firings were the perfect excuse to and likely why ministry staff were subject to a witch hunt for many months.

No "political interference" when the Deputy Minister of Health said only give me verbal briefings about the investigation and don't put anything in writing?

The Ombudsperson is insulting our collective intelligence. I hope voters right this wrong, among the many, many, many wrongs we have been subject to for the past 16 years.

It is also worth listening to the CBC April 7 Political Panel on the health firings and political involvement


Anonymous said...

World class no political interference ?trust us it was just before BC election.?

North Van's Grumps said...

Health Firings Kash Heed Show

Willy said...

How the hell does any human(besides the psychopathic) get up and look at themselves in the mirror without an overwhelming urge to retch? They cost a man his life, lie their goddamned faces off and claim they have the right to the throne. They claim to be religious in Fassbender and Christy, but lie their f'ing faces off. Maybe a visit to the church of choice for Sunday services and ask the questions about the blatant lies and embarrass the dirt. A pox on all their houses. The toilet is overflowing and the turds need to be flushed.

Willy said...

I'm not anti religeon, but I am anti hypocrite. Found this nugget on google... I think a nice crowd of a few hundred might expose the hypocrite for the low life she is.

e.a.f. said...

Harvey O has also noticed.

Now lets hope the voters of B.C. notice.

The actions of Christy Clark, her government, Wendy Taylor who headed the investigation and her group caused a lot of grief and misery along with the suicide of Mr. MacIssac.
Mr. MacIssac, denied any wrong doing "14 times over 2 hours".

Christy Clark is still in office. Wendy Taylor got a promotion.

what we have now during the B.C. Lieberals reign of terror and error is 8 children dead while in care of the B.C. Lieberals, 4 dead recently from "death by hospital" and one suicide.

My question is how many people need to die before C.C. and the B.C. Lieberals are relegated to the garbage dump where they belong. They are starting to look more like serial killers than a government. As to why I would make such a statement? These deaths could have been avoided had the government been doing their job. these deaths were caused by actions or inactions by the B.C. Lieberals.

Willy said...

It's time to expose them in the loudest and most embarrassing way possible in the communities they "serve". Expose all their lies and make them squirm like a worm being introduced to a fish hook. They HAVE to be stopped and if an angry electorate shows up at their "place of worship" , so be it. They need to be gone and , if she lied under oath, charged with one of the offences listed below -

Making a False Statement – Making a false statement occurs when a person, who is not authorized or required by law to make a statement, makes such a statement by affidavit, solemn declaration or deposition, knowing that the statement is false.

This section is similar perjury and creates a criminal offence for a person who makes a false statement under oath when they were not required or authorized to make a statement.

Unlike perjury, making a false statement does not specifically require that the Crown Attorney prove that a person intended to mislead, it is only necessary that the person knew the statement was false.

Witness Giving Contradictory Evidence – A witness gives contradictory evidence when he or she gives evidence at a judicial proceeding and then gives contradictory evidence at a judicial proceeding. The Crown Attorney must prove that the person giving contradictory evidence intended to mislead the Court. However, the Crown Attorney does not need to prove which of the contradictory evidence is false.

Fabricating Evidence – Fabricating evidence occurs when a person, who intends to mislead, fabricates anything which is intended to be used in a judicial proceeding. While this section of the Criminal Code does not define the term “anything”, presumably it can be interpreted as meaning anything that may be introduced as evidence in a judicial proceeding.

Obstructing Justice – Obstructing justice occurs when a person wilfully attempts to obstruct, pervert or defeat the course of justice. The term “course of justice” includes both existing and proposed judicial proceedings, as well as matters that are at the investigatory stage.

Public Mischief – Public mischief occurs when a person causes a police officer to begin or to continue an investigation with the intention to mislead the police officer. A person can mislead the police officer by (1) falsely accusing another person of committing a criminal offence, (2) causing suspicion to be diverted from that person or causing another person to be suspected of having committed the criminal offence (3) reporting that an offence has been committed when no offence has actually been committed, (4) causing the officer to believe a person has died when that person has not died.

Anonymous said...

RossK said...

I hear you Willy.



The Dipper braintrust has noticed also...Will the puffed-up local punditry?


Thanks otr and NVG


I'll have more to add to Harvey O's take in an upcoming post


Re: Those who have come out of this unscathed...Don't forget that, just like he did after the 6 million dollar Railgate-ending inducement, Mr. De Jong side-stepped the 10 ton crap hammer that later came down on his successor as Health Minister.


davemj said...

Is there any person who is considered powerful and decent or are they cowards hiding behind their religion? hypocrites in the back pockets of these twisted lower than a rat's belly lying politicians and their Developer, realtor fund raising A hole buddies.No sense in asking the likes of Waffle Wally. Somebody with clout and common decency should step up to the plate that has not had their pockets filled by CC/4{Clark Corruption}B.C.God forgive us the people of B.C for the thoughts we have against these mobsters!

paul said...
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paul said...

The Tyee's Andrew MacLeod, who has led on the story, notes that today that an independent inquiry would have resulted in transcripts of all interviews, which might have shed light on issues given short shrift in the report. Like, for example, whether MacIsaac's work on a program to evaluate the effectiveness of the millions spent, on Clark's direction, to provide drugs that claimed to help people stop smoking.

RossK said...

Thanks Paul--

I very much agree with Mr. MacLeod's point of view.