Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Yo-Yo Ferry Fare Conspiracy (ctd)....A Sham Of A Sham Of A Sham Not Even Worthy Of A Sham-Wow.


There is more (much more!) reaction to the BC Liberal Real-Increase/Fake-Decrease on ferry fares 'Say Absolutely Anything To Get Elected' thingy that we discussed the other day in an excellent editorial from the Times Colonist.

Here is their lede (and a wee bit more):

The B.C. Liberals have included a “break” for frequent ferry users as part of their newly announced election platform. The promise is a sham and an insult to island dwellers.

Supposedly, the party will “work with B.C. Ferries to develop a loyalty discount program by 2020 that will save money for frequent ferry users.” It takes three years to produce a discount program?

Until that joyous day arrives (if it ever does), the Liberals have committed to offering “residents of ferry-dependent communities” an income-tax deduction. Please note: We have no idea whether frequent ferry users and residents of ferry-dependent communities are one and the same. No doubt we’ll hear more on that at some future point.

The tax deal works like this: Ferry users will be able to deduct 25 per cent of their fares from their net tax payable to the province, up to a total of $1,000. That works out to a saving of $250 a year.

Really? You’re going to put ferry users through the misery of a complex income-tax manoeuvre to save them a few bucks. Why not just hide $10 bills throughout each ship and let passengers go on a treasure hunt?

It’s clear what is going on here. This is similar to one of those money-back deals that companies offer customers who don’t like their product. They’re counting on most people finding the process too time-consuming to follow through

That seems (to be) the motive here. The Liberals are dangling a form of rebate, knowing it’s too obscure or cumbersome to find an audience.

Otherwise, why not take the obvious step and cut fares? That would cost actual money...


Put this into perspective together skyrocketing Hydro rates, ICBC rates and MSP rates, all loaded on to the back of average British Columbians, and ask yourself the following...

Will the bait and switch ever end?

Tip 'O The Toque to reader Keith E. for the heads-up.



Anonymous said...

Mar 25, 2014 B.C.'s transportation minister says the province's aboriginal tourism operators must learn to live with cuts to the coastal ferry service.

the cost of votes, too bad every year isn't an election year

now this

BC Ferries launched an international search for a ferry last year after the provincial government committed the route between Northern Vancouver Island and the mid-coast to help boost Aboriginal tourism and the mid-coast economy. The roughly 10-hour trip will be made in daylight for tourism reasons.
A subsequent statement from the province, said B.C. was committing $15-million to help purchase and operate the vessel.

e.a.f. said...

Good on the Times Colonist for calling it what it is. A tax rebate? First you need to make enough money to pay taxes. so this "rebate" is really only for those who pay taxes. those whose income is so minimal, who are forced to pay these high ferry rates to get to school, shopping, doctor's appointments, etc. won't get any money. Nice going there B.C. Lieberals. Just another photo op for the queen of photo ops. And not until 2020. hell the way health care is being run by the B.C. Lieberals a lot of us could be dead by then. You know there were four deaths by hospital recently. If that keeps up, who will be left to collect the rebate? So between a lot more dead, not until 2020, not enough income to qualify for a rebate, who really gets the money?

What a load of b.s. that woman shovels. If people actually vote for her because of this type of promise they deserve what they get. Unfortunately its the kids who don't get to vote who will suffer the most.

Keith E. said...

I'm as critical about the local media as most folks that pay attention. Having said that, the Times Colonist does some very good editorials from time to time that hit the mark this being one of them. Other times not so quick to jump inuntil the issue has been so blatantly obvious it's public knowledge or a while behind the bloggers.

In this case credit where it's due and all that.

RossK said...




Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The people of B.C. see pretty good, hear pretty good and smell just fine. Change is coming unless the Liberals announce the BC space programme and its associated millions of jobs and trillions of profit and we make the mistake of allowing the wool to be pulled over our eyes yet again.

Willy said...

Here's the most trusted advisor pitching the Liberal platform....

RossK said...


A space program?

With launchpads in Spuzzum and splashdowns in Sliverville.

Now that's the ticket!



The wizards of Clarklandia would almost certainly make that most shammy-wowish of an uber-trusted advisor the Ministry in charge of cleaning up the multitudinousness of magnificent messes like, yesterday, if they could.