Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Last Night In Clarkland....Chasing Mr. Coleman.


It would appear that Bob Mackin didn't get the memo and/or read the sign on the proMedia Club members' door.

Because last night Mr. Mackin had the gall to chase Deputy Premier Rich Coleman down after a BC Liberal party leaders dinner and ask him real questions about real issues that Mr. Coleman has been ducking, repeatedly, of late.

Mr. Coleman refused to answer Mr. Mackin's questions at least in part because, in his words, 'You never tell the truth about me'.

As reader Lew has pointed out on the Twittmachine, the real story here was the total lack of other 'reporters' present at the really big do....

There is a proMedia 'Club' here in Lotusland?....You bet there is.



sd said...

Lying sack o' shit! And a coward to boot. Lock him up!

e.a.f. said...

O.K. sd I can work with that.

there is also a lovely little chart out there connecting all sorts of people who work for Christy Clark and her B.C. Lieberals who used to work for Stephen Harper, about 25 of them. so we can see where this has taken the province of B.C.

between the private little media club of supporters for the B.C. Lieberals and the left overs from the Stephen Harper cabal now with the B.C. Lieberal cabal, well there went the neighbourhood and the fact the MSM wasn't there to cover an event such as this was disgusting.

Big Rich looks and sounds more like a politician out of Alabama and he needs to go. At least Alabama after having too much corruption is investigating their Govenor. Too bad B.C. didn't investigate the government of C.C. and el gordo. Oh, right those b.c. lieberls appear to have frequent bouts of early on set dementia, they dont' recall. it may be about time the voters of this province don't recall how to vote B.C. Lieberal and start looking out for their own interests instead of the interests of foreign buyers and the friends of Christy Clark and the B.C. Lieberals.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The principal candidate opposite Rich "Cooler" Coleman has more integrity (and guts) in her little finger than he has ever shown. Her name is Inder Johal. It is not like the voters of East Langley do not have options to the guy.

Unknown said...

This article reminded me of I F Stone.

I remember reading I F Stone, one of the most respected journalists in the US. He said he would not interview politicians because they always lie. When he wrote, he analyzed what they did, not what they said. He wrote a successful independent newspaper called the IF I I F Stone Weekly. No major news outlet would handle his work as it might compromise their profit.

Too many of our journalists just repeat what politicians tell them. The journalists think they are great because they have close contact with the politicians in power and they don’t realize they are being used to spread the politicians’ propaganda.
They could ask them the right questions, but they should do an honest and rigorous analysis of what they have been told and what the politicians have done.

I F Stone would have a lot of fun with the internet.

davemj said...

Bloated COWARD the way he was puffing and huffing I thought he was going to have a jammer as he squeezed into Dueck supplied car I would like to know is it the same model as Chrustie's, and Stoned,s WHAT GARBAGE THESE GUTTERSNIPE OF THE BACKSTREETS!!

Chuckstraight said...

Open and accountable.

Willy said...

It's truly a sad spectacle, but the way he ,um, ran away as quick as he could was HILARIOUS! Integrity? Courage of your convictions? Transparency? That reminded me of a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar pulling a complete denial. Good work Mr. Mackin!

Len said...

One thing about it ,the only place you will see that is on the internet...nice to see someone trying to ask that PIG some questions,,,typical answers...crickets

Lew said...

And now that his (non) communications staff have run out the clock because they're so, ...you know, busy running out the clock, Bob Mackin and his readers will just have to come to their own conclusions about the truth as it pertains to Mr. Coleman.


My conclusion is that there is information concerning the public interest that Mr. Coleman really, really wants to keep private, and since that on its face is against the public interest, the voters in Fort Langley-Aldergrove must not in good conscience re-elect him.

Anonymous said...