Monday, May 29, 2017

The True State Of Lotuslandian Political ProMedia Punditry.


Update Monday pm....Well, it looks like Mikey Mike did know something he refused to tell us...Because...This.

The point?

If Mikey Mike knows something he should just tell us.


If he doesn't he should just shut the heckfire up.

Because empty speculations like this are a million times worse than those of any idiot blogger.




Bill said...

Done deal. On another note unnamed sources claim the Victoria Fire Department was quick to respond to the leg as Liberal leader Christy Clark was seen running around with her hair on fire. She was found under a bus piloted by Kevin Falcon....

RossK said...


Apparently, she says we must see the 'details' of the deal.

And now, suddenly, she cares about details of deals and all that?



Anonymous said...


She's waiting for Stephen Smart to tell her what to say to her constituents.

...Lots of sewage seeping into burgeoning Okanagan Lake today. How fitting.

Lew said...

Many denizens of the heretofore comfortable and pliable legislative press gallery are no doubt dusting off old and dusty copies of "Journalism 101" in a newfound desire to hold feet to the fire.

RossK said...


Of course.

In fact, I'm sure we will soon hear about how much taxpayer's money is being wasted by giving Mr. Weaver et al. official party status.


Scotty on Denman said...

Now that the Greens and NDP have struck a legislative agreement, and, barring resignations or floor-crossings by any of the BC Liberals, Christy will likely---and, IMHO, properly---form the government. This presents her with a number of problems: the Speaker is normally appointed by the government from among its own ranks---which makes it GDP 44 against BCL 42. What kind of throne speech and budget can the BCLs table that won't precipitate non-confidence? One that meets all GDP demands? Why would the BCLs want to do that? Well, perhaps the potential of forensic investigation if-and-when the BCLs cannot prevent it outweighs policy capitulation. But it seems impossible a BCL government could keep this up for long, GDP concurrence on KM and Site-C looming.

I think Christy has been sidelined up to this point, and that probably means she is also being closely assessed by her own caucus. She may be a useful foil as her government (presuming she gets the nod from the LG, which is likely) prepares a rearguard retreat from the inevitable loss of power, surely something that had been contemplated since well before the election when the BCLs began to trail in the polls.

There must be differing points of view among her caucus that fall into three camps, the same three that have sailed together since the last election which followed Gordo's resignation in disgrace: Christy's office which occupied itself almost entirely with PR, not policy, and is populated with the most sycophantic party members hired to relieve the chafing she must have felt by being early shooed out of the policy kitchen; the new BCLs who replaced the half of Gordo's caucus who jumped ship before Christy's victory in 2013; and the Campbellites who not only have the baggage accumulated since 2013 under Christy, but an even longer train of baggage from the Gordo regime.

The newer BCLs are relatively insulated from what is likely to be revealed as deeply entrenched administrative perfidy rooted in the Gordo era. Christy herself probably only knows as much as the real policy masters of her government deigned to let her know---which, in consideration of Christy's genuine thrill at prancing, bragging, baiting and boosting, probably isn't all that much. Since plenty of damning revelations from the BCL regime surely await airing, it seems likely the post-Gordo BCLs who are the least incriminated and have a greater part of their political careers ahead of them will want to distance themselves, if not try to blame, the other two camps. Those prospects might be foremost in mind if, in the first motions of the new session, a BCL MLA abstains---conceding non-confidence in the BCL minority---or crosses to the NDP if promised a cabinet seat or some other concession. You never know.

Real desperation to avoid forensic investigation will be evident if a Campellite applies to cross to the NDP---or even, possibly, the Greens. But of course the GDP needn't entertain such. The exercise should be for any newer BCL MLA to distance themselves, and insulate themselves from potential embarrassments or indictments revealed under a GDP government, from the real perpetrators of BCL cronyism and what-all else---and they can do this by sitting tight, maybe even supporting the odd bit of GDP legislation. Their political futures and that of the right depends on them surviving the coming deluge of outrage. The unfair firings of healthcare workers---one took his own life as a result---is, for me, tops the list, but many, many other items nearly as shameful populate that scroll; these newer BCL MLAs may excuse themselves as relatively non-complicit backbenchers---it's probably a viable strategy.

Christy will probably be held responsible for many perfidies---some she might not be fully aware of. But that's what she signed up for and committed to with relish.

Like Tieleman said, though, "...this is BC," so you never know what's gonna happen.

Don F. said...

What immediately came to me on this news was and is, is there time to save the homes and properties to those given notice to leave for the building of site C. I can only hope there will be a last minute reprieve for those people and a chance for them to resume their lives in peace.I can't even begin to understand the stresses they must have suffered over this.

Bill said...

I'm wondering if the coalition is going to delve deeply into the sewer to find the turds from B.C Rail and all the other floaties flushed from the Libs. Assuming of course there's anything left that wasn't on post it notes or wiped from hard drives.

Bill said...

Sorry Scotty. I need to read before hitting the publish button.

North Van's Grumps said...

There's talk about Christy Clark announcing on Wednesday that she will be resigning as Leader of the BC Liberals and therefore her Seat in Kelowna West will be available for new blood ... Kevin Falcon.

But as much as El Gordo Campbell thought he could walk away from Vancouver-Point Grey and leave it for Christy Clark to take care of the riding as a hand-me-down for a part time job .... the full term of four years .... well, David Eby is taking good care of that Constituency since 2013.

Is Kelowna West a safe riding for the BC Liberals? or is it destined to be the next Green Party Riding just to keep the two large parties in their places?

Len said...

After all Christies attemps to split the vote between the greens and ndp,I think it's perfect that a vote split by a con. In comox screwed her in the end. LOL

Anonymous said...

Wanna bet the shredders are working overtime?

Official party status with only 3 members? This will be genuinely interesting in light of the historical precedent set by CC & the BC Liberals in 2001. One could persuasively argue that by failing to grant the NDP official status the BC Liberal's whole first term was constitutionally illegitimate.

Anonymous said...

VP writes: "...the delusional strategy she and her party followed through the provincial election."

Don't recall reading anything like that during the campaign.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I thought I smelled napalm on the way to the sawmill this morning.

Crankypants said...

The Liberal sycophants and their MSM cheerleaders may well bring up the cost associated with granting the Greens official party status but would it cost any less than if the Weaver trio got in bed with the Libs?

RossK said...


I don't recall reading anything like that from the always hedging Mr. Palmer during the campaign either.

As for idiot bloggers?


You know...


North Van's Grumps said...

The longer Christy Clark stays as a puppet leader, the longer the public will remember her stalling to leave the Premier's Office for others.