Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Cronification Of Absolutely Everything...BC Hydro Division.


And here I thought that, after sixteen years, we had seen it all...

Because, you know, this...



Double-secret, non-probational sheesh.


Of course, the intern who is running the Hydro twittmachine feed this weekend was quick to note that the rebate program extends to all kinds of brands...But....Samsung was the only 'winner' they chose to Tweet about...Surprise! 
Tip O' The Toque to 'casualcactii' for getting the ball rolling on this one.



Anonymous said...


I shake my head! What is our Crown Corporation doing propping these crap products? What's the pay off? Government with dirty laundry partnering with a company that gives you the same. Funny/sad.

Lemon alert. Don't buy in unless you are a fan of your really dirty clothes making the slightly less dirty ones dirtier (top loader): The Great Equalizer.

"Eco Star", nope, you either wash your clothes twice, or use harsh cleaners that leave toxic residue in your clothes.

...Front loader my SIL bought? No pre soak option, tediously long cycles, no spin without water…

Our fridge is having problems too, with icing up and water pooling, and it's not old...Google any troubleshooting terms, like dirty laundry, leaking etc and you will find reviews that are real, and not paid for. Learned that after the fact.

Their customer service is as responsive to the satisfaction of the public, as iw the BC Liberal Party.. so their corporate culture is probably on par…

Action only kicks in when you have the energy to follow up, or better yet, utter the magic words "CBC Go Public"….then the correctives start emerging, albeit, at their own sluggish pace.

Anonymous said...


ps top loader doesn't spin out filthy water efficiently, leaving you with heavy wet laundry, so they take much longer to dry in a machine…really, really good news for Hydro!!!!

…Anyone been into a Trail Appliance store? Gives you a glimpse into the domestic aspects of living large, and defining yourself by your stuff….

Anonymous said...


Trail Appliances BC‏ @TrailBCStores May 15

Last week of our Customer Appreciation Sale! Get TRIPLE the BC Hydro rebate on qualifying Samsung appliances. More:

Lulymay said...

Interesting.... I was looking at Hydro's website because someone told me they might give me $30 for my old freezer. Found that the (expensive) fridge I just bought was eligible for $25 so phone Trail only to be told I purchased it a week too early!!!

Samsung has a serious reputation as being extremely predatory! That came from an article (and I am guessing from my aged recollection here) that was in either in "Mother Jones" or "Vanity Fair" -- nevertheless, other sources have also referred to their predatory sales activities.

Hey - what do you do when you can't buy anything manufactured in Canada any more???

motorcycleguy said...

Trail Appliances has lost several sales from me recently as my very old appliances have been going one by one....they advertise on CKNW and that is reason enough. Recently bought a SpeedQueen/Huebsch top loader washing machine from McIvers.....they are made in the USA but I think they even had (or still have) a factory in Canada.