Tuesday, May 30, 2017

This Doomed Day In Clarkland...Will She Go?



Update, 1:35pm Tuesday....Apparently, Ms. Clark, to quote Mr. Zimmerman, ain't goin' nowhere.

Marky Mark says....


Stay tuned for the word salad world champion's 'statement' at 1:30pm today/Tuesday.



Ed Seedhouse said...

Shouldn't precedent sometimes yield to common sense?

Anonymous said...

Isn't that up to the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia to decide?

Anonymous said...

Marky Mark very inelegantly punts the point that his ex doesn't have a majority now that the GDP is a thing.

Anonymous said...

Seems very Trumptastic that the BC Liberals are trying to force a constitutional crisis so they can claim the Green/NDP null.

Anonymous said...



10 pages, so not really overwhelming.

sd said...

I'm soooo glad she'll stick around to get her ass kicked on a regular basis in the ledge. Happy days are here again!(in Bb)

Scotty on Denman said...

As much as I detest her government, I think it proper for her to test the confidence of the Assembly. She admitted it is perfunctory and that a transfer of power is inevitable. For now I take her at her word that she will convene the Assembly very soon instead of next fall.

What might seem like an unnecessary delay of the inevitable will, I hope, be an educative exercise to keep parliamentary procedure---something we cannot much change legislatively like can electoral systems---more clearly in mind, particularly the Westminster system which should figure prominently when we are called to vote on electoral reform, my biggest concern about which has always revolved around patently shallow thinking and misinformation about proportional representation. Some of pro-rep's greatest weaknesses are due to the parliamentary system that we cannot constitutionally change, and some are due to fuzzy comprehension of democracy, expectations, et cetera.

As it happens, we have achieved via single-member-plurality something like what pro-rep would result in: a hung parliament. This should afford some good examples of what additional party powers we should expect from pro-rep, back-room negotiations and undue attention to parliamentary power dynamic over legislation for necessary, sometimes urgent, events in the broader public interest, for examples.

So I'm not too unhappy about "going through the motions;" if we ever get pro-rep, we'll have to get used to that.

RossK said...

I know you are right Scotty.

But still...

I can't help but think of all the small time cronies lining up at the trough for one final gorging.


RossK said...

Well, that and the fact that even the finest, most expensive high throughput shredders set to 11 can only get through so many post-it notes in one and/or thirty days.


Anonymous said...

I have to vigorously disagree with Scotty & Ross on this.

The deal is done. The NDP/Greens represent a majority of the seats. That we should wait until June is farcical: this can be dealt with tomorrow - it should have been finished today. CC was empowered by the LG as a 'caretaker' while the vote was being finalized and there was uncertainty. There is nothing complicated here.

We have certainty on the vote.
We have certainty on the deal.

CC forcing British Columbians to wait until the end of June for a confidence vote is a mockery.

Rob said...

The Province is broke and the Liberals know they are going down!!! How do they use this wonderful opportunity?

The thrown speech gives them the opportunity to "talk to the people of BC" and remind us all about the (jobs, jobs, jobs)that will be lost. Suggest that we have no more MSP, no more tolls, ICBC & Hydro rate freeze, a tax cut etc.. They will take the NDP/Green platforms and offer goodies (min wage, daycare etc). They will put forward a agenda that the NDP/G will never be able to live up to.

The Liberal government will fall but they have now set the bar at max for the new kids on the block. Financially this will be impossible and give the MSM a base to attack the new government.

The new governments top priority and their only savior is to audit every aspect of all ministries with a vengeance and let the of people know why the province and crown corporations are broke!!

Anonymous said...

Here's what I would do if I were a sleazy politician trying to hang ton to power.

I'd give a throne speech that promises to ban big money, introduce electoral reform, try to stop Kinder Morgan pipeline, and basically to do whatever the Greens/NDP have promised, along with a few of their own ideas. That would actually make it hard for all members of the opposition to vote it down without seeming hypocritical.

Then, assuming the throne speech passes, drag your feet on all the Green/NDP promises while continually claiming that they are getting around to them. Delay, obfuscate, deny....where have we seen that before?

Scotty on Denman said...

Anon: I know exactly how you feel, and I'm not just standing on ceremonial principle when I respectfully disagree with your recommendation. The Sovereign (the LG in BC) simply and absolutely must adhere to protocol and precedent and, acknowledging that a more holistic view and expectation may admit, even unintentionally, any hint of bias, has to work with facts in a way that's demonstrably impartial. In this case, the facts are that the BC Liberals won the most seats of any party that ran, that they are already the government, against which two parties which ran against each other as much as they against the BC Liberals only agreed by parliamentary circumstance---and not any discernible agreement among voters on the matter of the GDP agreement which was engineered in camera without any reference to voters. To deprive the BC Liberals of regular precedent for the sake of expediency, as practical as that might be, would be for the LG to presume too much of the electorate, some of whom, though either Green or NDP voters, surely do not wholly approve of the GDP deal. Her Honour Guishon simply can't appear to be presumptuous because that would potentially or perceptibly licence bias.

It's no defence against a charge of bias to say, "no, I wasn't biased, I was only guessing..."

Ross: it's irksome for sure to think that the exercise of proper protocol is probably going to allow one final pillage of the public purse, but it's not unexpected: Christy and Crew have always gamed the system, primarily to hobble it but also to provide favours to supporters. I think these circumstances will yield an even more damning indictment by the numbers of capers getting dismantled that wouldn't have been politic to do pre-election---that is, they're probably so odious they would have stunk up a campaign that the evil-doers darn near won if they had've been folded up too soon. Now the getting will be as "good" as the plunderers dare. And a new GDP government, when it gets here, will be busy repairing the most egregious of BC Liberal cronyism and system-gaming; myriads will have to pass under the broader, deeper shadows of BC Hydro, ICBC or BC Ferries, possibly unseen, or maybe the best that could be done is duly record the smaller perfidies.

We can't turn back time. The BC Liberals have been pillagers and there's lots that we'll never get back. That's their legacy to remember, especially at election time.

If, indeed, the BC Liberal party survives forensic such investigation as a busy new government can manage...

RossK said...


Clearly, the motto of the 2nd edition of the Golden Era has been 'All grift all the time'.

I wonder...

Is the total lack of control on that front a driving factor in Mr. Brown's big turn?