Tuesday, May 30, 2017

This Doomed Day In Clarkland: Snout-In-Troughers We Have Known...


...And will not miss.

Not even for.







Ed Seedhouse said...

For the life of me I can't make any actual sense out of that tweet. Sounds like she is trying to imitate the Donald.

RossK said...


At face value I believe it says that rural folks with cottage industry-supporting grants of highly questionable value and/or fantasmagorical PR positions pushing an earthquake- and CO2-producing industry that does not exist are the real drivers of the newly cronified economy.

Or some such thing.


Lew said...

That statement certainly provides an illustrative lesson on the meaning of projection as a defence mechanism.

I wonder if rather than us boys and girls paying attention for the next year, a chart showing derivation of the Tyabji/Wilson household income for the past few years wouldn't provide a quicker lesson on the difference between takers and makers?

Lenin's Ghost said...

You gives a shit that twit has to say

Crankypants said...

Doesn't that photo show her standing beside a tax consumer?

Don F. said...

Theirs is a success story we can all get behind. Just packed full of wholesome virtue that' for the sake of our grandchildren' they won't be subjected to anymore.
What a distorted take on reality.
What will become of them now? Well they say true love conquers all.

P.S. The boons are safe !!

Anonymous said...

u n a u t h o r i z e d

JasonS said...

I guess John or Andrew weren't interested in a used tanning business or a half assed brown nosing biography. Don't worry boys and girls Gord and Judi are never far from the trough , they will make it back to the government teat soon enough. They are proficient consumers of tax payers wealth.

Keith E. said...

As the LNG gig will only be lasting another month or so, Gordon and Judi should consider re-opening the "Duddles lair" sheep farm as a going concern, thus pulling the wool over the eyes of the membership secretaries of the Green and NDP parties, if they haven't already joined.

J MacDuff said...

The tax vampire has spoken. In riddles as she writes.

Anonymous said...

New Zealand is looking for pig farmers.

Scotty on Denman said...

Y'all pretty sharp today, but my vote goes to Lew. Let's have some full disclosure before entertaining Judy's---er---the "Tax Vampire" (OMG, my stitches! Har, har,...!)---contract.

e.a.f. said...

OMG that was funny. Doesn't Judy know her husband Gordon picked up a $400K contract, to his numbered company, as reported on this blog some time ago.

I suspect this is Judy's attempt to set up the rural/urban divide. nice try but really not so good. Judy you are the consumer of my tax dollars. How about dropping some of that loot off at the local school or hospital.

Judy might want to stay off of her tweet because it is demonstrating what a twit she is,

Lulymay said...

Perhaps "Twitler II" is an easier and apt description? We would all know who's being discussed. It's tough when one falls off the hind teat isn't it. After all, no one could possibly be first in line at that feed than the arrogant one who tells a local media type to figure out what went wrong with her campaign himself. (After all, she's got work to do, right?)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of bruised snouts I have noticed the global news bunch are looking a tad stressed these days

Anonymous said...

From her and her husband? ....how about the wealth stealers, the con artists in governance, the malfeasant that infest our democratic institutions?

Don't let the creeps from the past, worry you. A great corruption inquiry will bring them all down. We need a forensic audit, then the inquiry, after that hopefully jail for the lot of them.

RossK said...


That particular secret $400K thing was for a numbered company linked to a different Clarklandian.

To the best of my knowledge Mr. Mackin is still waiting to have his FOIR responded to.