Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Keef Report....The New Shrewd.


As you might expect, it is the Keef that shows how the game is played:


I guess bringing in an an old SoCredCon as his offensive coordinator is an indicator of how the good Mr. Weaver will play his 'New Way of Doing Politics' game.

And to hell with the voter base and all that.


Can an even newer Progressive Democratic Alliance Unity Party Party be far behind?



Scotty on Denman said...

I rather regard this election result a good and teachable moment as to how things would be regularly done if we ever adopt proportional representation. Perennially hung parliaments will feature in-camera negotiations between party hacks, without reference to breathless voters nervously biding their time outside the backrooms of power.

See? It's already happening...

Anonymous said...

the P3 200 second media scrum premier party?

Len said...

I bet everyone that voted green will be pleased if he jumps in bet with CC,way to go guys....LOL

e.a.f. said...

OMG that is funny. As expected Weaver is making his move to move on with his career in politics. Expect the other two or at least the MLA from Cowichan to stay the course on her own.

of course Weaver never was about Green, he was about Weaver and now he has the position he thinks he wants. Christy will use him and when done, toss him to the side lines, but if he gets lucky like Gordon Wilson perhaps she will give Weaver contracts for $400K a year to "advise" the B.C. LIeberals on all matters green. this is going to be such a good gong show. Well if they impeach Trump we need something to watch.

Being a PhD weaver thinks he is smarter than others. He never really met true politicians who will eat their young for breakfast and then go looking for a snack. will look ever so good on weaver. Weaver might want to remember this is a woman who had 8 kids die on her watch and really never got concerned enough to do anything real about it. Weaver is nothing to her.

Anonymous said...


e.a.f.'s voice, as she floats here, and there on the ether, can always be counted on to keep things 'real' in the land of the sanctimonious bloviators.

RossK said...

For the record, just so you all don't hold it against me later, I, too, have a Phud.


Grant G said...

everyone needs to relax...Baldrey is wrong.

Talk to you later

Eleanor Gregory said...

Phud...that's short for post hole digger, right?

Grant G said...

Twitter feed Ross K

RossK said...



You can get one at gradual school, which is a place you go until you gradually decide to stop.


Got it Grant.


Anonymous said...

If Weaver gets the money out of politics he will have done a good job and we will see change.,
If not ; we can discuss it!


Willy said...

What do you make of CC's suckholing calling the man Dr. Weaver? NOW she wants to work in a collaborative manner, there seems to be lots of lawn chocolate on her nose.

Inspector nspector should give Weaver some sound advice....Just like King Trump....

Chuckstraight said...

In Kelowna some genius had placed a few PDA signs from days gone by, proclaiming " someone to vote for", complete with photo of Flip Wilson. Don`t think he had many votes.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to BC
progressive taxation with
proportional representation
will restore a once great nation

Anonymous said...

Sooo for the past 16 years its been the taming of the shrewd?

karen said...

Weaver claimed opposition to Site C. I was offered a dispatch to Site C this morning. My understanding was that Hydro called for a lot of workers. I wonder if Weaver is suddenly okay with the ramping up of the construction/destruction in the Peace?

RossK said...


'Taming of the Shrewd', indeed!



An excellent question.


Anonymous said...

"Gino" Weaver.
Green in name only!!

Anonymous said...


Only good thing about delayed election results: RossK stays on to dissect the scribblings of the MSM…

RossK said...



This means he's good buddies with Pavel Bure?



Awwww, shucks.


Eleanor Gregory said...

Also Pilled higher and Deeper

Anonymous said...


Weaver's been trying to put the "cash" back were it 'belongs' in his Party's coffers. Now what?

e.a.f. said...

Weaver only want the money out of politics because he isn't getting any. If he were getting even half of the NDP collection, he'd be in there like flint, not caring about any money. He wants a new style of voting because he thinks he can gain seats and therefore power. its not about being Green and/or a green agenda its about the lack of money and power and how to gain it.

Really like the guy hired about as slick old style Socred B.C. lieberal as WHATS his pickle to negotiate. Upp you bet he is looking for the gravy. You don't hire that boy with out a lot of cash and the first question I'd ask, where did Weaver the Greens get that kind of green money.

Before the NDP makes any sort of deal with the Greens they need to know how much is Spector being paid, by whom, if the Greens say them, where did they get the money and how long is Spector going to be around. All we need is a Spector led party fronted by an overweight aging baby boomer who thinks he is intellectually superior to the majority of British Columbians.

Question for the Green Weaver: how can thousands of us taxpayer citizens get a camping spot in the provincial park system without renting an expensive motor home from a corporation which does it for foreigners? hey boy you're the green guy but never heard you talk about people getting out into the great outdoors to enjoy it.

While I'm off topic, but its Green, regarding the lack of provincial camp sites, ya what is with that Green Weaver. You'd think you'd be all for working people getting out in the great outdoors and communing with nature. Then I figured it out. Too many camping spots and the homeless might move in. Christy only added 365 spaces after last summer's fisco and now we all get to stay home or go to other States or Provinces to go camping. We live in a fucking forest that calls it self a province and you can't find a place for a few thousand people to pitch a tent on weekends??????????

An NDP Green alliance would be very bad for the NDP. let Christy have the Spector Greens led by the Green Weaver.

Anonymous said...

SH @ e.a.f.

Campground reservations should be open to British Columbians only, for the first two weeks at least. Then the licence plates should be checked on site to make sure the reservation corresponds to the vehicle or campers who may be on bikes.

We pay the freakin' taxes after all, shouldn't we have the benefit of our own money?

Anonymous said...

To the comment above, "shouldn't we have the benefit of our own money" We should but as Christy and her cabal of liars and thieves have shown over and over and over.... That taxpayers and ratepayers are ONLY THERE TO ENRICH HER DONATORS and when you need services, expect to pay ... guess who?? YES her donators for services that the taxpayers have already coughed up for !! I find it unbelievable that the suckers {VOTERS} in BC almost and might have, when the recounts are done , given this gang of crooks the keys to the provincial vault yet again????? and if so you will have no one to blame but yourselves!