Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Weaver Kinda/Sorta/Maybe/Doesn't Really But Just Might Back Clarklandia...Can The BC Liberal-Financed Ads Supporting Him Be Far Behind?


Update, 9:00pm Wed May3rd....Global now retracts its original lede...But as 'Sub Boreal' notes in the comment thread the interview itself is still filled with comments from Mr. Weaver that he can't work with Mr. Horgan..Thus, post-header has been revised into 'equivocal' form...Ha!

From the (original) lede of a Global TeeVee summary of the good Mr. Weaver's interview with the Keef:

If push comes to shove and BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver had to strike a deal with another party to form a minority government, the former climate scientist said he would choose the Liberals...


No progressive can now pretend that a vote for one of Mr. Weaver's parachute candidates is NOT a vote for a continuation of the total triumph of the corporate cronies.


As for that ad thing mentioned in the header to the post?....Well, you know....Sterk!
Re: The Update...Gosh....How could the Keef possibly let all this inaccuracy happen?...I mean, it's almost as if he and his went out and hired a bunch of idiot bloggers to write copy based on his interviews, or some such thing.



Sub-Boreal said...

Meanwhile, this one has been walked back in record time, and the amended story now has the title: "B.C. Election: Andrew Weaver says ‘neither Liberals nor NDP can be trusted with majority government’".

But listen to the full interview, especially the last 2 1/2 minutes: Weaver gives a long pause after being asked which major party he'd prefer to deal with, then launches into his "Angry Horgan" shtick, contrasting this to how easy it is to work with Clark.

Nice try, Globull!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

We now also know the Green's secret policy of opposing changes to labour laws that would unfetter union organizing. The Greens, it turns out, are as anti-union as the Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Weaver is on record for saying he was very disappointed that the SCoC ruled in favour of the BCTF. Weaver also fully supports IPP energy projects which are anything but green. Weaver is not a true Green, any place on the planet Ive traveled to the Greens and Labour Party's work together as natural allies.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

What Anonymous said.

RossK said...


Thanks for that...Went back and watched again (iccckkkk!)...I agree and have posted an update.


Beer and Anon-Above--

Agree entirely.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mr. Weaver supports Christy Clark and Mike Bernier. Words fail me.

I have been volunteering after work and on weekends to knock on doors to support the NDP. This interview will make me work 10x harder.

John Horgan would be a great Premier. He has principles and a vision for a better BC and can clearly see the outright corruption and limitations of the BC Liberals. Our province is almost bankrupt and people are falling into poverty at an exponential rate.

Unlike Mr. Weaver, who hates unions, John would work with the Greens. And John Horgan would ban corporate and union donations and have a referendum on proportional representation. And Andrew wouldn't support John? what universe does Andrew live in?!

This really feels like a make or break election for our province. We need to get out the progressive vote for the NDP.


davemj said...

Surfing the tv when I happened to click on the clowns I caught the last few mins when Balderbull asked Weaver about who would he prefer to work with? he protested! yeah right! but like a dog with his tongue hanging out with a bone at his snout ARF ARF oops i mean ASK ASK again how phony can two idiots get? REHEARSED and agreed God help B.C.if Horgan cant pull it off .Another Scandal and more lies from Crappy Clark Dear Lord answer our prayer.

Crankypants said...

Mr.(Dr.) Weaver professed that he was not a career politician in at least one of the two debates. It seems that his actions do not mirror that which comes out of his mouth. As a matter of fact this sounds eerily similar to the person leading the BC Liberal Party.

I'm only going by memory here but has any other political party that finally got one seat in the Legislature gotten as much media attention as the Green Party this time around? Maybe there is a future for the Rhino Party yet.

Anonymous said...

SH: Comment re Tyee: "Green Votes Could Hand Clark Victory, Warns Zeporah Berman:

JCensored a day ago
Kim Darwin, Green candidate for Powell River Sunshine Coast and recently resigned president of the Powell River Chamber of Commerce....
Jack Barr, new president of the Powell River Chamber of Commerce... http://www.powellriverchamb...
Jack Barr, Fundraising Chair for BC liberal candidate, Matthew Wilson,
Powell River - Sunshine Coast...
Meet n Greet, Dr. Andrew River, May 5th, Powell River,... hosted by?... Powell River Chamber of Commerce
I'll leave it up to the Greeniuses to connect the dots, and again I ask them...
What are you voting FOR?

Anonymous said...


What's Judi Tyabji playing at?…Her son-in-law, Matthew Wilson is runnning for BC Liberals in Powell River — yet she posted this Green announcement on her Facebook Page…red plums/green plums equally tasty?

Anonymous said...


Duff on now with Chris Walker re "membership fee for public tax break" NY Times:

Sub-Boreal said...

The airbrushing continues:

"B.C. Green party leader Andrew Weaver was caught in a firestorm Wednesday after his comments in a media interview were misinterpreted to mean he would rather work with Christy Clark over John Horgan."

Anonymous said...

Weaver has a hate-on for public school teachers and the BCTF because his son supposedly had a bad grade four teacher years ago. Apparently if one teacher is bad, they're all bad according to Weaver.

Anonymous said...


Hope people in the Southern Interior are reading this RossK…Chris Walker, of CBC's Daybreak South (Kelowna), tweets about what he's been hearing in these here parts:

Chris Walker‏ @ChrisWalkerCBC 5m5 minutes ago

Replying to @quinnmacdonald @christyclarkbc
Also this cycle I've heard plenty of people complain about being ignored, even in "safe" @bcliberals ridings

Anonymous said...

Weaver just committed "political suicide". If he is willing to saddle up to the most corrupt government in this country, what else is he willing to do?

A vote for the greens "is" a vote for the continued abuse under Clark and Co.

e. a. f. said...

always did think Weaver was just a lieberal claiming to be a Green. he just hasn't done anything Green. He doesn't think children are an endangered species..............oh well 4 more years of Christy with Weaver's Greens supporting her, ah, just how many kids will die in care in the following four years.

Weaver is simply a political opportunist who didn't want to play on the b.c. lieberal team. he'd have to compete with the photo op queen.

Crankypants said...

There is something I don't understand regarding the advertisements I hear and see on television and radio. The Liberals only have their ads attacking the NDP and the NDP are returning the favour. Both parties seem to be ignoring the Green Party.

I suspect that the Liberals are hoping that the Greens bleed enough votes from the NDP to keep them in power and given past performances don't want to rock that boat.

What possible reasons do the NDP have for not going after the Green Party? I know that some of their platforms are similar but the fact that Weaver has voted with the Liberals on a few occasions and the Liberals subsidized some Green advertising in the last election seems to be fertile ground for the NDP to utilize.

Sub-Boreal said...

Those with long memories will recall the 11th-hour Lib surge after Gordon Wilson zinged once or twice during the 1991 leaders' debate. The media amplification of that 1-man bandlet was wondrous to see, but on that occasion Glen Clark did what needed to be done, and used the last days of the campaign to point out - quite effectively - all the flaky bits in the Lib platform.

Twenty-six years later, the NDP again has a 2-front war to fight, but seems to have forgotten this lesson of history.

North Van's Grumps said...

Why is it being assumed that the Greens will pull votes away from the BC NDP? Isn't it more likely that disgruntled BC Liberal voters will switch horses and go with the NDP?

Sub-Boreal said...

My point is that the Greens are performing a role similar to that of the pre-Campbell Libs (or the UK's Lib-Dems). I'm certainly not the first one to make the analogy:

A big part of the confusion for some unstudious voters and commentators is that the various Canadian Green flavours tend to get viewed as the local franchise of the more decidedly Left European Green movements. So many pretty wild and wacky conservative and libertarian elements go unexamined.

I'd argue that the BC Greens as a group are probably at their point of maximum heterogeneity, and this has so far been papered over in the hothouse atmosphere of an election campaign. (Although there are little eruptions, like Adam Olsen's abortion comments, which give us a taste of what's to come.) If they get more MLAs or even official party status during this election cycle or the next one, a lot of pretty contradictory tendencies are going to fight themselves out in a more public way. For example, witness the recent contortions of the federal Greens over the BDS issue, in which Weaver was more than just a bystander.

In the longer term, from the perspective of someone who is best described as a despairing NDPer, the persistence of a smallish Green rump, say at 5-10% of the popular vote, is not an entirely bad thing. While the vote-splitting potential is certainly undeniable, it also helps greener activists within the NDP by enabling them to point out tangible electoral dangers if the party gets too wobbly on key environmental files. For example, I don't think that Horgan would have taken as strong positions on Kinder Morgan or Site C in this cycle without that flank to protect.

Scotty on Denman said...

From my viewpoint it's not an assumption that the Greens pull votes away from the BC NDP---it actually happened to a number of erstwhile dippers I know; the event was Clayoquot which pit two wings of the NDP against each other, environmentalists (a lot of them forestry tree-planters, or ex-treeplanters) against loggers, and the seed of the Nit Nat Triangle, Meares, Morseby and Lyell Islands grew to become the iconic Clayoquot protest, replete with calendars, posters, T-shirts, newspapers and video-documentaries. At the end of one of Canada's biggest protests in terms of numbers arrested---800---the new NDP government, Mac-Blo, and IWA-local 185 demonstrated compromise whilst the protestors assumed the opposite role of implacable, uncompromising resistance, condemning Premier Harcourt's compromise Clayoquot deal, his more far-reaching Forest Practices Code, eventually his whole party (which many if not most of the protestors used to support) and, indeed, partisan politics itself, preferring instead to activate through NGOs, Friends of Clayoquot, Western Wilderness Concept, et cetera. As such, they joined a larger protest movement that encompassed the Carmannah Valley, the Walbran Valley, the Stein Valley, and dozens of smaller, local fights against old-growth logging.

The Green parties of Canada were not so much created and run by these erstwhile dippers, rather the Green parties were created for them, and precisely coordinated with the long-gun registry which turned many resource based workers, then mostly unionized, against the nominal 'workers' party' while issues of BC Report and Alberta Report began appearing in bunkhouse toilet stalls and marshalling shacks up and down the Coast, carefully husbanding fear amongst once loyal dippers that a cabal of radical environmentalists and Aboriginals were clear-cutting their jobs.

Environmentalists, resource workers and Aboriginals once worked together in a single party, but any combination of relatively small but potent numbers of defectors can, by cumulative effect, split the vote, switch to anti-government parties or help suppress the vote by dropping out altogether---all in favour of the then-ascendant neo-right movement.

Anyway, has the 5% to 10% of the electorate that might vote Green forced the ultimate beneficiaries of vote-splitting to take strong positions on anything environmental? The carbon tax and Christy's "Five Conditions" don't really count.

Finally, the benefit to the BC Liberals when disaffected supporters protest by way of voting Green---instead of NDP---cannot be discounted. Of course the Greens pull votes from other parties besides the NDP, but It still comes down to this: in almost every riding in BC, a vote for the Greens risks re-electing the least environmental party of them all. That's simply a fact.

RossK said...

It's all there in the '2nd choice' stuff in the polling numbers, repeatedly, and by different firms using different methodologies....Overwhelmingly Dippers chose Greens as 2nd choice and vice versa....Liberal is a distant third for both groups.


Willy said...

TOTALLY off topic - I apologize Ross, but this made me retch with disgust.