Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Election Returns Open Thread...

Feel free to vent.

I'm off until about 9:45pm getting littler e. from a tap dance thingy.

Don't wreck the place while I'm away...



RossK said...

9:20pm...Holey Moley, this is interesting.


Danneau said...

I see on the TeeVee that South Korea, having turfed their president for corruption, has elected a nominal progressive. What do they know that we don't?

Markerbuoy said...

9:15pm...I'm on the computer reading about the Comey firing and the Dismantling/destruction of democracy in the US and my wife yells, "It's not looking very good!" Yikes! Help!
If Crispy wins tonight, the powers that be will have successfully obscured, dismantled/destroyed democracy in BC.
9:20pm she yells, "everything has changed!" Can the mainstream pundits please wait for firm numbers?
In the meantime, many thanks to you, Norm, Harvey, Laila, Merv et al ( & all the other idiot bloggers) for all you do,
Too bad the sheeple are too busy making ends meet to form an obvious opinion.

RossK said...

930pm: Alise Mills, Con Op, just said it on CBC Radio...The Greens are 'dragging the NDP' down...She then backtracked when called on it by SQuinn.


RossK said...

10:05pm....Four ridings that are too close to call and might decide the whole thing.

Cowichan Valley
Maple Ridge-Mission
Vancouver False Creek


RossK said...


SFursteneau pulls ahead of Dipper in Cow-Valley (#3Green)...Less than 50% polls there, and it's North/South volatile in the riding.

Oger/Dipper and Sullivan/CronyPartyParty neck and neck in VanFalseCreek

Eith/Dipper whisker ahead of Dalton/CPP in MapleRidgeMission

Issacs/CPP a tad ahead of Wickens/Dipper in CoqBurkeMtn

(amazing to me how little attention proMedia 'lectronic outlets are paying to these ridings that actually matter)


RossK said...

10:27pm....Dipper pulling ahead of CronyPartyParty candidate in MapleRMission


Anonymous said...

see what happens when you split the vote.

RossK said...

Oger/Dipper slight gap on SpamalotSullivan/CronyPartyParty in Van False Creek...If MapleRidge Mission and Van False Creek hold the Libs will not form a majority.

RossK said...


Absolutely, would have been a Dipper walk without it.


RossK said...

The split, I mean.


Willy said...


Gonna be a lot of recounts, less libs is better but for now - watch above video

North Van's Grumps said...

Good Grief. I've lived on the north shore for 42 years and this is the FIRST time my vote went to the winner Bowinn Ma

Anonymous said...

SH @ North Van's Grumps:


I take vicarious pleasure in your win from here, in (as RossK coins these impossible parts): the Hurtlands.

If the NDP takes it, and John shows people what can be, maybe I'll get a win next time

RossK said...

Congratulations NVG!

One of my two favourites Dip-Flips along with Ms. Always Campaigning going down to Mr. Chow in Fraserview.


I'm with you with the Blur Willy!



That's it for me folks...Think Willy is right and we won't have a solid decision until absentees are in in places like Van False Creek, Maple Ridge Mission and Coq Burke...

Still a lot of polls to come in that weirdly volatile Cowichan Valley riding...Thing is, if it's Furstaneau with a minority I have hope because I think she is the type of principled person that would fight her party leader if he decided to throw his lot in with the (still?) current leader of the Crony Party Party.


And one last thing...If the Dippers and Greens get a chance to put Prop Rep in place the Cronies will never, ever, ever again form the government in this province.

Of course, they will (if they are allowed) throw all the money and skullduggery they can at the referendum if it comes.

Goodnight all!


Crankypants said...

There is a solution to vote splitting in close contests. Ranked ballots. If no candidate gets over 50% of the votes in a riding then the lowest vote getter gets dropped and the second choices that were marked on that candidate's ballots are added to the surviving candidates. If someone gets over 50% then the counting stops. If not then the counting may have to go to third choices.

Grant G said...

From an earlier Ross K post...my comment..

"so, there are 10 Conservatives running, 10 ridings..

Conservative Leah MCculloch in Comox Courtenay (a battleground riding?)

Conservative Kay Khilvinder Hale in Richmond Queensborough..another possibly close riding.

Conservative Trevor Hamilton in Maple Ridge Mission...NDP should retake this riding...a good Conservative candidate..

Conservative Gary O'Driscoll in Maple Ridge Pit Meadows...again, BC Liberals aren't popular there, they barely won that riding last time out...again, another riding that should swing left(NDP)..

Conservative Tony Goulet in Caribou North(there was no Conservative candidate there in 2013).."

There are still absentee ballots to counted 10 days hence...Comox military base...don't know how many ballots are to be counted....Military..will they have voted for the Conservative in that riding...

Comox Courtenay riding vote breakdown 2017..

BC Lib-Jim Benninger 10,049

BC NDP-Ronna-Rae Leonard 10,058

BC Green-Ernie Sellentin 4,907

BC Conservative-Leah Catherine McCulloch..2,061..

Military absentee ballots....Think Harper, think Conservative, ...the Conservative split in Comox Courtenay might well keep a majority from BC Libs..

Lastly...speaker in the house doesn't vote....Ralph Sultan is very old..Donna Barnett is old....BC Libs even if absentee ballots give the Comox Courtenay...They can't have any sick MLAs, all hands on deck...or what about potential floor crossers...illness, death...I think we will be back to the polls this Fall...

Also..the voters in GVRD clearly rejected Kinder Morgan...Weaver will reject Kinder Morgan and LNG at the Skeena River..

Which puts Clark in a precarious position...With BC Libs election 2017 war chest, the gazillion ads, partisan guv ads...all the Postmedia endorsements, Globe n Mail endorsements and including an assist by Trudeau ..Trudeau guv stated they would consider Clark's retaliatory trade policies...wrong..Trudeau won't ban or carbon tax coal...

So, when Trudeau nixes Clark's retaliatory trade actions...it will lay waste to the meme about tough talking Clark..eer, tough talking followed by no action..

Site C...LNG...education, affordable housing, MSP..Tolls...more teachers, more schools, seismic upgrades, seniors care, seniors home care..daycare..

The knives are already out for Clark..chances are we return to the polls this fall...Horgan will be there..Weaver will be there...BC Libs will have new leader..probably Kevin Falcon...

BC Libs had every possible advantage, tax dollars, huge war chest, guv advertising, MSM booster club/Global, Van Sun/Province/CTV plus endorsements, and the Trudeau assist,..If Clark couldn't win with that advantage????..BC Libs lost seats, lost % of the vote..it was a total rebuke of policy..especially as it relates to pipelines and tankers...

Trudeau must be very worried...Burnaby went all Orange..Plus Mayor Corrigan.

The north may get LNG(if anyone can find a profit)..but not on the Skeena estuary...and as for Kinder Morgan...I do believe that project just died..

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Anonymous said...

SH: @ Grant G:

If I just heard correctly on CBC Daybreak South now, last time the Comox absentee votes moved the result Left.

Grant G said...

I heard that too...on CKNW May 10 8:20 am....Absentee ballots in Comox-Courtenay in 2013 election had more NDP than Libs....Cheers