Wednesday, May 31, 2017

These Doomed Days In Clarkland...Who Will Be The Replacement?


A whole lotta folks, Laila Yuile included, think it might be the Birdman of Falcontraz.

Charlie Smith has another suggestion...

...(K)eep an eye on Jordan Bateman of the Independent Contractors & Businesses Association of B.C.. He's articulate and witty, and he's loved by the car dealers for his constant denigration of public transit.

He just might have the right stuff to replace Clark as B.C. Liberal leader should Deputy Premier Coleman offer his blessing.


Does having the 'right stuff' include being able to lay astroturf of the finest Big Richian kind?



Anonymous said...


Perhaps someone with time and patience can follow the trail of crumbs scattered throughout the blog posts of former Social Credit member and Langley Mayor, Rick Green…seems he pissed of some power brokers….

Anonymous said...

SH, it was a eyeopener reading Rick Green's blog. His comments are appear truthful. Maybe he is trying to redeem himself.

He says:
"..... I don’t think we have seen anything yet. When they see the power of government slipping away from them .... they are reacting like caged rats and responding accordingly! I have seen this before up close from a personal perspective.

"The B.C. Liberal Party grew out of Social Credit’s demise as the free enterprise option in B.C. ....The takeover of the B.C. Liberal Party coupled with his adoption of some back room boys from Social Credit was a harbinger of things to come. .... Many of those that were adopted by Campbell from Social Credit were the problem previously and have brought their jaded views, opinions and self-serving agendas over to the B.C. Liberal organization. ..... The relentless unethical, immoral and untrustworthy actions by this government have caused me to speak up, get involved and say enough is enough! ..... It is long past due that we put our Province ahead of party...."

Kudos to Rick Green. He seems to have matured from a humanistic perspective. I remember his first foray into "Socred politics" where he was going to fire anyone who did not live in Delta.

e.a.f. said...

Jordan Bateman, in my opinion is a twerp of the junior edition style. He is ambitious and I'm sure he'll find support. However, there are a lot of MLAs who are not going to be interested in having another cheer leader, as leader of the B.C. Lieberals. the kid is yappie and would just be a Christy Clark in pants and brogues instead of jeans and heels.

I'm sure Bateman will have to climb over more than a few caucus member bodies to get to the head of the line. On the other hand if Bateman goes for it, it will certainly give the NDP/Green alliance a boost.

Crankypants said...


I don't know how much caucus support means where the current version of the BC Liberal Party is concerned. Remember that Christy only had the support of Harry Bloy when she took over from Campbell. I suspect that the person Patrick Kinsella backs will probably replace her if and when she takes that walk into the sunset.

Willy said...

Judas Priest - Lawn chocolates, all of them.Zero social conscience, or conscience at all in that bunch of bananas. Liberal my big fat a$$.

Anonymous said...

P Kinsella?