Tuesday, May 23, 2017

These Days In Clarkland...Always Be Closing.


Sure there's a vote count going down.

But, in the meantime, the folks manning the lifeboats in the good ship Clarklandia are also raking in big bundles of money hand over fist.

Bob Mackin has been been keeping track. Here's just one $100,000 bundle (note the date of of the donations):


It's almost as if Mitch and Murray errrrr...the Wizardry sent in a young Alec Baldwin to crack some donor heads.

Which shouldn't be too surprising, I suppose, when you realize that, since May 9th,  they've been able to scare the crap out of their marks by warning them that this may be their last chance to get in on that democracy killing slushpile of bought influence for, like, maybe...


(or at least until that Courtenay-Comox count is done)

Subheader got your earworm rising?....This! 
Update: Bob Mackin has now dug all the new, post-election numbers out of the Clarkdashian's pdf file...The new total is almost a million, the great majority of it coming from the usual suspects. 



e.a.f. said...

loved the video with the accent. Have heard the original and other versions over the years. Now if some smart kid got a video of Christy and the music from another video and "mixed" them we would just have the best video of all expressing the true democratic principles of this province. We could do one for Green Weaver also, he of the hiring of an old political right wing operative. It about spells it out.

4 cheques from Cressey, and gee he just forked it over like that. wonder where a new Cressey development is coming to you soon. Or perhaps something is coming from the provincial government to Cressey. some one might want to keep track of where the next school is going to be built or something similar and a government arm purchases the land from Cressey and at what price.

In the grand scheme of things $100K from Cressey isn't a big deal, on the other hand it would be ever so useful if the Union Gospel Mission received a similar amount.

the money won't be missed by Cressey, he can use it as a tax write off. while they are talking about removing "big" money from politics, lets get rid of tax write offs for political donations. its not charity. in the end everyone pays for these write offs because when the treasury doesn't receive as much as anticipated they collect from elsewhere, so in the end all taxpayers pay for Cressey's donation to the queen of slush/jeans, photo ops, etc.

Willy said...

I've done contract work for Norm Cressey (Bosa too). I have far more respect for the lawn chocolate residue on the sole of my shoe...... Gee whiz, the food banks are exploding with overload right now and surely couldn't havr put that money to better use.