Sunday, September 10, 2017

A New Sunday Pastime...


For those (few) of you have been wondering...

I'll get back to putting together new 'Sunday Sets', I promise.

Once the damnable grants are done (soon!).

In the meantime, another DIY kid who, together with her musical friends, knocks me out:

You can watch/listen to Reina del Cid's regular 'Sunday Morning' offerings, and there are bushels full of them....Here.

You can help Ms. del Cid make her music....Here.
Speaking of DIY kids...Had a great time watching my own, Bigger E, along with her friend S., doing their thing at 'The'Chickpea', a newly happening spot in Lotusland Central on Main in the high 20's, last night...



Anonymous said...

winner winner vegan dinner.

RossK said...


But I'm not one, and I still enjoyed mine.

The dinner I mean.


Don F. said...

Thanks Ross,
I enjoyed this very much the real deal.So special now when it is seen.

Anonymous said...

not another 4 year song by gerry and the manderers?

Anonymous said...

puffery and chicanery are shown the door in BC.