Saturday, September 02, 2017

Another BC Liberal-Backed Site C Number That Can Be Neither Trusted Nor Verified.




And this one does not have a dollar sign in front of it...

Mr. Kyllo is the BC Liberal MLA for the Shushwap.



Anonymous said...

pinky swear with double dog dare and triple delete coldswallop?

Q-(What would you do with 1 trillion LNG dollars?)
A- triple delete it?

Anonymous said...

Hey what bout dem 2025 Olympic financials- secret til 2025?

Bob Mackin said...

This is what happened when I asked BC Hydro for a list of Site C workers and their titles.

Bob Mackin said...

By comparison, the ministry of transportation properly released the list of Evergreen Line workers. That ministry respected the law, but BC Hydro would rather break it.

RossK said...

Thanks Anons-Above (assuming you mean 2010 - pretty sure Bob Mackin is looking for that).


Thanks Bob....That sure is a whole lotta black on that there FOI release.

May I suggest a third reason why they won't release the names of folks that worked on Site C on our dime?

Because then folks like yourself could ask them what they did on our dime and why.

Which would be crazy, right?


RossK said...

Back to Bob's 'list' (which is only seven pages...

I would also comment that, based on the job titles, it sure does look like a lot of the folks listed could pretty easily slide sideways in the BCH job pool.

So if they did...Would that not be even more 'job years' not lost?


Lew said...

“Please note that BC Hydro does not keep track of records for the Ministry or contractors.”

One wonders then how all those BC Hydro personnel, for example the Manager of Site C Safety and Security or the numerous construction and project managers, could possibly do their jobs. Who and what are they managing if not the contractors and their personnel?

Are there a thousand unqualified illegal aliens working there? How would they know unless they “kept track of records”?

RossK said...


It is really quite astonishing.

And pure codswallop for they and/or their shillophants to make estimates of things like 'job years lost' .


Unknown said...

Hire some or all of the drilling crews fracking up the peace river,set them to geothermal exploration. Fuel free,dam free,ditributed all over the province, (small towns benefit)and by our scale of reference,almost perpetual. Knock the rates down,put the savings into electric vehicle (trains,ferries,automobiles)infrastructure,research,and local business promotion,bring in bit, sfu,unbc,ubc,etc..

Unknown said...

Besides,all they're good for now is shrieking and dribbling down their leg about how the awful,terrible socialists are gonna EDUCATE KDS,FUND HOSPITALS,CANCEL DUD PROJECTS,AND ......follow the monayyy...Some constructive suggestions would ,ummm,help,but I fully understand a certain twitchiness regarding accountability. Can the crown sue to recover misspent public funds? Like advertising budgets?

Keith. said...

Approximately mid September BCUC are producing an interim report and a final report about 6 weeks later Re: Site C.

Expect more of these questionable and misleading plan A & B blurbs to appear on a regular basis, with the usual suspects parroting and printing them verbatim .

Sitting here with bated breath for the sky is falling statement from the ICBA, surprised it hasn't surfaced by now.

North Van's Grumps said...

Greg Kyllo Shuswap is only giving out half of the information

".... 33,000 person years of employment thru all stages of plan & construct ..."


Direct employment is estimated to be 10,000 person-years. Where are the other 23,000 person-years being billed? Have they been billed already?

"Job Opportunities

Construction of Site C will create approximately 10,000 person-years of direct employment during construction, and approximately 33,000 total person-years of employment through all stages of development and construction. "

Anonymous said...


A good place to start sniffing: Worksafe ought to know who they are providing coverage for, who has made compensation claims, and which contractors have been dinged because of a safety infraction, or injury (and there are always the latter).

Anonymous said...


Not the first time the Mr. Kyllo has coloured outside the lines—perhaps someone is a little desperate to keep a tasty small-town gig? … Signs the Dippers and Greens are getting it together in S.A?:

Salmon Arm Observer, Letter to Editor:

"...When the five mayors decided to publicly support Greg Kyllo, they acted undemocratically, because their actions were not based on a majority vote of council...

The mayors should not have appeared in the video promoting Mr. Kyllo’s bid for re-election without a majority of council vote endorsing such actions. Even appearing on the video and thanking Kyllo is an endorsement of his re-election bid...

>>>>>Mr. Kyllo ought to know better than to entice the mayors to act inappropriately. What lengths will he go to in an effort to get re-elected? <<<<>>>>>>>>>>>What "lengths" indeed???

Scotty on Denman said...

Isn't it called perverse psychology? The alt-right invented the alt-left for such a purpose: "We're racists! But you're anti-racists, so it's all fair and good! You have the right to express yourself the way you want, so we get to express what we want, too. It's equal and fair!"

Yeah, equal and fair like teaching students they have an option between science and creationism: it's equal, fair and totally fucked up.

This is what I see happening during the damning of Site-C: the defeated BC Liberal perpetrators of public purse perfidy now brace for embarrassing---nay, even indicting---revelations gleaned from investigation into the curious, suspicious damn project (really, just a scratch reveals the chop-shop pedigree of this boondoggle), and must now prepare their defences by trying to balance the scales so weighted on one side with foresnsic-like revelations (that is, evidence) with, uh,---what do you call it? Codswollp? Yes, that's right---on the other. It's an absurd tactic, I know, but one which is becoming commonplace among neo-right rationalizers like Christy ("We're building a dam to power a vibrant LNG industry that will make every British Columbian rich!") and her proteges, The Donald ("Mine is the most productive presidency in history!") and Old Spittle-face Bennett ("Tailings pond catastrophe? What tailings pond catastrophe?").

It doesn't matter if it's bullshit, only that it is presented in opposition to the truth, the hope being nobody notices when the scales are balanced that one side is correct and the other wrong. It's the same as creationism and alt-right claiming legitimacy upon quantity (of bullshit), not quality (whether it's true or not). "Codswollop" then becomes, it is hoped by the usual suspects, more weighty than "truth," ten letters to five.

Such equivocation is surely the mark of guilt, or of those who have something to hide.

Recall that even the Nuremberg convicts eventually got cornered: their final excuse was that they sincerely believed the bullshit they tried and failed to defend themselves with.

Anonymous said...


Now Peachland residents are under an evacuation order, or are under an alert…and the South Central Socred Propagandists issue this:

"Could BC have done more?"

Soooo, is this some kind of blame equalizing (Dippers), biblical purification by fire thing for the BC Liberals?