Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Ghost Of The Hammer...


Mr. Beer 'n Hockey had an early morning visitor recently:

I woke
Ten minutes
Before the
F'ing alarm.

I sensed
There was
Someone in
The room.

It was
A ghost,
The Hammer
Making sure

We were safe.


I, too, had been thinking of the Hammer recently when I came across the tab of the chords we layered over the words of Mr. Beer that he wrote upon his best friend's passing awhile ago now.

The result of that collaboration was the following...

Personally, don't know what I'll do when the Whackadoodle, who's now in her 10th year is no longer around to take down to the river's mouth and such.
And MCG....If you're out there send me a note - you had a songification idea that I promised to follow through on, but have now forgotten about.



Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The song gets better with time's passage and really ought to be pressed onto vinyl.

RossK said...


Words are good...Not so sure about songification though...These are straight-up Hank Williams chords with demo voice warbling...Maybe I can convince my kid and her friends to do it justice.

Stay tuned...