Tuesday, September 05, 2017

My Morning Ride...


Not sure about you, but for my money, despite the fact that it had absolutely nothing to do with moon and star aligning, that red sun rising this morning was much more impressive than the recent eclipse thingy.

And then, wonder of wonders, I felt a few drops of water land as I cleared the Shaughnessy hump and glided down into the Valley. At first I thought it was just errant spray drifting over from the high pressure boulevard (and pavement) watering contraptions that festoon the edges of mansion town but, given that the drops persisted until past Macdonald, I ultimately concluded that they had to be coming from the sky.

Climbing the hill to outer west Cremeville I couldn't help but notice that there sure are a lot of houses for sale. Must be trying to make good on their $4 million, plus, nest eggs before the change.

Had a real post all set to go for this morning on what white racists do when the commercial gene companies hire tell them that their blood is not as pure as they would like...But then the folks at the MoCo's "The Current" beat me to the punch...Not sure how I feel about finding out that I sometimes think like a CBC producer...Anyway, if you're interested, Eric Boodman  has a good piece up on the subject at STAT News.
Regarding the subheader....Be very careful of the kids everywhere as they bingle and bongle to and from red brick places of learning once again... And, if you ride a bike anywhere between 8:30am and 9:00am weekdays between now and late June, be especially careful of the parental units who drive like crazy people up and down residential streets within an eight block radius of any elementary school.
Finally, regarding a recent Keefism wherein the good Mr. Baldrey made fun, sort of, of Dipper ed min RFleming for not combing his hair....I think we have to give the Keef the benefit of the doubt on this one because I'm pretty sure he was joking...



Lew said...

Keef blocked me a long time ago. He doesn't like and/or can't answer certain questions.

One of the consequences of his penchant for blocking legitimate interaction is the loss of things like benefit of doubt on the rare occasion he might deserve it. I'm (b)locked on doubt as far as Mr. Baldrey is concerned.

sd said...

Well sometimes even bad jokes backfire and reading the comments this one sure did. Just watching the coverage of twittlers and jbs's decision on the dreamers. Sad.....(ala twittler). BO has issued a powerful response. On a lighter note, JD Martinez hit four dingers for the D'S.One of just 18 MLB players in history.( We know who one of the other ones was)!

Anonymous said...


The Green-Eyed Monster.

Baldrey is to Jimmy Swaggart, as Fleming is to Robert Pattinson.