Thursday, September 14, 2017

Six Times...


From the 'Everything I Did Then Does Not Matter Now' file:

Quilchena Uber Alles, indeed.


Six is the number of times the BC Liberal government of Mr. Wilkinson and friends crushed campaign reform bills while they were in the MAJORITY.



Bruce mitchell said...

Maybe the upstanding, good mr Andrew w will want to make this retroactive to May first ?

Bruce mitchell said...

Apparently there is something like 13 million reasons he won't

Anonymous said...


Boringly predictable...God bless his little heart if he believes a little tired, Trudeau fliparoo-emulation might be the charm. He needs to go big, or go home.

Photo-op failure...Holding up a bill like you're showing Mommy your good report card??? So Black Press community newspaper...

Michael Kinsley, Vanity Fair:

With the House majority leader “rebranding” himself—meet the sick-kids-and-civil-rights-loving Eric Cantor—it’s time for a look at this time-honored Washington game, in which reality takes a backseat to P.R. and the media’s hunger for a fresh story.
'With the House majority leader “rebranding” himself—meet the sick-kids-and-civil-rights-loving Eric Cantor—it’s time for a look at this time-honored Washington game, in which reality takes a backseat to P.R. and the media’s hunger for a fresh story...

A few weeks ago, The Washington Post carried a front-page article that filled me with weariness and despair. It ran under the headline eric cantor attempts to remake the house gop brand, and his own. Eric Cantor is the House majority leader. The story reported, “In recent days, Cantor (Va.) has begun laying out a far more centrist agenda. . . . Putting aside his past emphasis on broad cuts to federal programs, he has become an advocate for research on pediatric cancer [and] has begun talking about urban poverty . . ...I mean, what’s the point? Nobody needs an Eric Cantor who loves little children and honors civil-rights heroes. Cantor’s job is to scare the children. ...The conservative journalist Tom Bethell used to call this sort of thing “strange new respect.” A former ideological firebrand starts talking moderation and reason and The Washington Post or The New York Times runs an article declaring that a “strange new respect” for this person is growing around town. Next thing you know, he’s being invited to the Brookings Institution to deliver one of its High Tea series of late-afternoon talks, on “Budgetary Realism: The Prospects for Common Sense…'

Anonymous said...


Sorry for the bad edit. The resident quails were sounding the alarm, and I rushed to post, so I could go out to shoo off whichever predator was after them this time..also trying to hang laundry, make healthy dog slop, pick tomatoes and more before the clear skies bring on a chill...

Anonymous said...

Considering Mr. Wilknson's lack-luster performance in the legislature under Clark's watch, in spite of his many degrees, I guess he is trying to make up for lost time and score some points for the upcoming Liberal leadership race. Too little, too late. Considering his raging ambition and recent epiphany, he should maybe consider crossing the floor and join the NDP.

Lew said...

To loosely quote P.B. Medawar, a large population of people have been educated far beyond their capacity to undertake analytical thought.

That seemingly includes lawyers.

Anonymous said...

To Lew;

Lawyers and a whole swath of instructors populating "higher" learning institutions. In the case of Mr. Wilkinson, the peter principle seems to be clearly on display and the order of the day.

Anonymous said...

sooo 16 years werent enough!

Scotty on Denman said...

Pathetically lame!

Anonymous said...

Dont forget the election ad lawsuit and insisting on NDP plan for ICBC only weeks after winning.

davemj said...

The idiot ad man ! media like him he can be so generous$$$ with money that is not his beady slitted eyes that sneery smirk out the corner of his seriously bad mouth, Yeah I got it the Wind in Willows the Weasels yeah Him and Campbell both.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they put it on post it notes and shredded it by accident and then found the draft had been triple deleted but no one got charged beacause someone changed the law just before doing so.?

North Van's Grumps said...

As the next Leader of the BC Liberal Party can Andrew raise funds the way Christy did?

From 2011/03/14 to 2017 Christy Clark raised $67,122,912.32 for the BC Liberal Party. How did She not win the 2017 provincial election?

David E said...

I am curious, did the liberals pass a single bill put forward by the NDP in 16 years?

RossK said...

Good question David E.



North Van's Grumps said...

Past Premiers/Governing Parties Wikipedia: 1992 Mike Harcourt BC NDP

The earliest Bills I can find is 1992 (Electronic versions first instituted). BC Legislature Hansard is difficult for a layperson to find Government Bills, let alone the Opposition or PRIVATE MEMBERS Bills.

BILL M 201 -- 1992

Item 5 No Minister of the Crown, nor party leader, shall be eligible for election to the Office of Speaker.

In the case of the current session, Interim Leader BC Liberal Rich Coleman could have volunteered to be the Speaker because he is NOT the party leader.


First Reading Bills for the 35th Parliament (1992) and upwards to 36th, 37th, 38th, 39th, 40th, 41st Parliament.


Overview of 1st Session, 35th Parliament


Bills and Legislation