Friday, September 08, 2017

Mr. Coleman's Six Minute Flip-Flop....


From the Twittmachine feed of the Globe's Mike Hager...

This, at 10:03 am this morning:

Followed by this, at 10:09 am:


Personally, I don't get why folks like the good Mr. Coleman aren't more upset with the fact that it was Ms. Clark who let the DipperGreen coalition off the BCLiberal-built faux constitutional petard in the first place.

If you get my drift.

And then, of course, there's....This.



Anonymous said...


I'm a little dense today, like the bleeding smoke! "constitutional petard"?

It's soooo delicious to watch the swamp do a little self-draining. I'm curious to see what will remain of The Syndicate.

Lew said...

Looks like Mr. Coleman might have been reminded that it's the caucus that votes to remove a member; not the acting leader.

North Van's Grumps said...

you sort of get the drift from Coleman that elected mla's are there to represent the interests of the party rather than those who voted them into being a member of the legislative assembly

that's what has been wrong from the day El gordo took office;

christy clark turned her back on her constituency by walking away, fearing the position of opposition leader was beneath her status, not worthy of doing her elected duty.

MLA Darryl Plecas has shown that MLA's should work together for the benefit of all British Columbians and not just for BC Liberal insiders

e.a.f. said...

Big Rich always was a little autocratic. Christy may have let him run with what he wanted to do, but she is gone, gone, gone.

it is not surprising Plecas has taken the job. He may actually be more valuable to the B.C. Lieberals in this position than on the back benches. Plecas was first offered up by the B.C. Lieberals as a "new better quality" candidate. he didn't seem to realize, he was just window dressing and wasn't going to be able to affect any change in the world of Christy and Big Rich. if he can't go back to his old gig, this one is excellent and he maybe able to do some good, which is why he may have stepped into politics to begin with, however, when you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

Funny how the Vancouver Sun is describing it, "Defects" to speaker....

You can always rely on the B.C. MSM to put a negative spin on a positive event, when it may negatively impact the B.C. Lieberals. we know where the Vancouver Sun's "loyalty" lays......

Anonymous said...

SH @ e.a.f.

He shot the BC Liberals in the foot, while they were mired in confusion.

In jettisoning a man of his calibre to thereby staunch their bleeding, the BC Liberals shot themselves in the other foot. All good for the NDP!

Keith. said...

Best comment on big Rich being told one thing by a politician and then doing the opposite; Paul Wells Fridays Power and Politics”

“Now you know how we feel”


Anonymous said...

Is he behaving like hes been premier for last 16 years.Oh wait a minute...?

Bruce mitchell said...

I see that a new, large hospital is opening in comox very soon, wow the dippers have only been in office for a few weeks... plus the economy is booming, how come the MSM can't put two and 2 together anymore?

e.a.f. said...

actually that hospital has fewer acute care beds than the old one. a lot of the work and maintence has been privitized so lets just wait because the NDP won't want to claim this one. those privitized hospitals are run by companies who are out to make money. You can either make money by charging more than it used to cost or you don't keep up with the cleaning and maitenace. This hospital will be a wreck shortly. Just check with England.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

It is not every day you get to be proud of the action of a politician from this neck of the woods. Good move for Abbotsford and an even better one for the province. Well done Speaker Plecas.

CHuckstraight said...

I kind of enjoyed the way Pleacas stuck the "knife".

Anonymous said...

I sometimes hesitate to visit here as I know I will leave in a cranky mood all day.

This is going to be a good weekend!

Bruce mitchell said...

I read you e.a.f., I was being sarcastic .... this morning global snews is featuring Horgan in proximity with some gentleman of colour who was convicted of a shooting, too bad there were never any pictures of CC around any questionable people for them to show over the years

Anonymous said...

Mr. Coleman now faces the reality that he may be in opposition for the long term which may be too much for him to bear. That is the real personal reason for his outrage, not any moral stance or concern for his party. It is predictable that he will shortly follow Ms. Clark out the door. Without the LNG pipe dream to sustain him any longer and the absents of Clark's deflection, cover, and support, there is every reason to believe that he will finally recognize his expiry date.

Lulymay said...

Daryl Plecas was the head of the Criminology Department at the college out in the Valley and established himself as a well-organized, competent and respected instructor, both at the college and in the community. He appears to be one of the few moderates in the BC Liebs and although I could be dead wrong, I suspect that when he decided to enter politics, he knew absolutely that in this part of BC, one cannot and will never be elected running for a party such as the NDP.

However, in his new role as Speaker, my thinking is he will keep both parties on their toes, something this Legislature has not had in many many years. Linda Read was the same provincially for Gordo/Clark as Andrew Scheer was federally for the ReformaCons lead by Harper.

RossK said...

SH- 'constitutional petard' = all the fake fuss and faux outrage about a speaker breaking the tie back when the numbers were 44-43.


Lew, eaf, & NVG - good points, all.


Keith - I'd missed that, thanks


Bruce M - Me still laughing; thanks.



But....but....but... Didn't the good Mr. Coleman just raise the spectre of a recall attempt amongst your fellow Abbotsfordians?


ChuckS-- Well, they stuck it to Mr. Plecas pretty good after Bob Mackin (unlike ALL the rest of the local proMedia) told us what really went down in Penticton in the wake of Ms. Clark's lie that the entire caucus was behind her.


Thanks Anon-Aboves, all....Anon-Three-Above -- My sincere apologies for making you cranky (seriously); will try to rectify that.



I agree that it will be interesting to see if Mr. P. does a true non-partisan job. I, for one, will have no problem with that.


North Van's Grumps said...

@ Bruce Mitchell

February 21, 2012

How did Terrorist Jaspal Singh Atwal get to sit in the BC Liberal section of the Legislative Gallery?

Huffington Post: Jaspal Singh Atwal, convicted criminal, invited to bc legislature as Government Guest

Anonymous said...

SH: @ Grumps

Thanks I couldn't remember the name, but remembered that Tsakumis did a post about that. To bad he took blog down...

Anonymous said...

And then on Saturday they kick Plecas out of the party.
Saw one comment that perhaps the NDP would sign him up.
All I can say is beware the Trojan Horse. This is the BC Libs, after all.
All the fuss since Friday seems over the top and a case of "he doth protest too much." They made sure everyone knew how disgusted they were.
Wouldn't a seemingly treacherous outcast appear the new found hero if he could infiltrate government and somehow aid its downfall, especially now that it appears secure for four years?

RossK said...


Just because you/we're paranoid doesn't mean their not out to get you/us...


Lew said...

I'm enjoying the wounded braying coming out of Rich Coleman's substantial pie-hole.

He was one of the BC Liberal bullies who attacked John van Dongen when he attempted to get details about the Basi/Virk payoff from Gordon Campbell and Mike de Jong by having the two deputies the public was led to believe responsible appear before caucus to answer questions. He even publicly questioned Mr. van Dongen's mental state at one point. Had John van Dongen been given due respect by his own caucus for trying to get to the bottom of one of the deepest wounds ever inflicted on democracy in British Columbia, he would likely still be the Abbotsford-South incumbent MLA and Mr. Plecas still a university professor.

Ain't karma a bitch?

RossK said...


Not to mention a chameleon that, sooner or later, always reveals its true colours.

The karma chameleon, I mean.


Anonymous said...

"Anon-Three-Above -- My sincere apologies for making you cranky (seriously); will try to rectify that."

I was one of the ones who's contract was ripped up by the BC Liberals. We here in BC have suffered these greedy fugs for so long. Now we have Alberta breathing cleaner air, and the likely hood of the detritus being swept out of Saskatchewan. Trudeau's win after so many years of Harper's sickness infecting the land...

The pendulum always swings but right now it is good.

Thank you Ross for your good heart and creating a place where we can share.

RossK said...

Thanks Anon--

It's important for us to not forget the damage that was done to people, their lives and their families for no good reason at all.


Willy said...

I think Mr. Plecas just wanted that cool hat. (a fan of Paul Revere and the Raiders?)

RossK said...



Which just mean that Horgan is a fan of....Wait for it...

...Jack Benny.